New Blog: “How I Spent My Stimulus”

Montage of photos from the “How I spent my stimulus blog”

I’ll leave it to the How I Spent My Stimulus blog to explain what it’s all about:

In January, Congress approved $152 billion in economic stimulus checks for millions of American households, intended to boost the economy and avert a recession. Just how this money will be spent remains to be seen. We hope this website helps shed some light on where the stimulus money is going.

Living in Canada, I won’t get such a cheque, but I did get a nice tax refund this year, and all of it — save the cost of Grand Theft Auto IV — is going into an RRSP.

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I spent my tax refund on sending Colin to sports camp this summer. Which is, ironically, tax deductible.

Hey, there’s a black fly in my Chardonnay!

Yeah, I’m with you on reinvesting RRSP.

I wasn’t able to max out my RRSP last year because of wedding costs, and I lost out on $5k on refunds this year because of it. 🙁

Hah, I wouldn’t be able to max out my RRSP even if I wanted to. Who has $25,000 to put away for the next 30 years…. heck, who has $25,000?

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