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Scenes from the Good Food Festival

Last weekend, Wendy and I attended the Good Food Festival, an annual showcase of food vendors and cooking instructors sponsored by Food Network Canada. It features samples galore, either for free or a very low price, which means that you can get a complete lunch simply by “grazing”. Here are some photos I took at the festival.

I can’t resist a photo op with a mascot:

Joey deVilla and Mr. Peanut

My Favourites

My favourite stall at the festival was Kozlik’s Mustard, who provided peameal bacon (that’s “Canadian bacon” to my American readers) sandwiches made with very nice ciabatta bread and a spread made with one of their spicy mustards.

Chef frying peameal bacon in a giant iron skillet.

Anton Kozlik makes a mean mustard — in fact, he make several varieties, both hot and sweet. They’re available at several locations across Canada — if you’re in Accordion City, you can get them at many gourmet food shops including Alex Farms, St. Lawrence Market, and one of my favourite places, The Cheese Boutique.

Chef frying peameal bacon in a giant iron skillet.

Another favourite of ours were the sauces by the relatively new Redhead Pantry:

Redhead Pantry logo

They make some tasty sauces! We got their barbecue sauce and their honey peach jalapeno sipping sauce, which I used to baste some chicken thighs for Sunday dinner. It’s really good stuff, and I hope this stuff finds its way to a store near us soon.

Under the “ready-made” category, my hand-down favourites: Key Lime Tofutti Cuties. Damn, they’re good!

An Engrish Encounter

Check out this banner we saw beside the barley tea stand:

Barley tea poster with Engrish

Here’s a closer look at the text:

Barley tea poster with Engrish

“Drinkable Magazine?” I have no idea what they’re trying to say.

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Maybe it is a quote from a trade rag

“Rich barley smell” says Drinkable Magazine.

Hey Brother Joe,

Maybe it’s a midwest thing, but ‘Canadian Bacon’ here is just cured lean bacon; nary a grain of peameal to be seen.

I can’t find peameal bacon anywhere and miss eating it — and Shreddies — terribly. I’ve got to come home and visit St. Lawrence Market soon 🙁

“Magazine” as in “container” or “compartment”? In other words, they’re saying you can drink directly from this bottle?

Strictly speaking, though, magazines are a component of larger machines.

I interpreted the sign as saying something along the lines of, “this drink is so complex you’ll get as much learning out of it as you would from a magazine!”


I love Kozlik’s mustard too! They Garlic Honey one is fab for making a quick salad dressing… about 2 tbsp of olive oil, a tbsp of balsamic vinegar and a teaspoon of the mustard. Fantastic!


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