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TTC Strike Update: Strike Monday, Unless There’s a Settlement This Weekend

TTC: Strike Monday morning unless there’s a settlement

Here’s the word from the folks at CP24:

TTC Union boss Bob Kinnear has laid out the terms of avoiding a TTC strike: land a deal by 4pm Sunday or his members will walk off the job at 4am Monday. A disruption would shut down all buses, streetcars and subway cars for 1.5 million riders.

He’s pleading with Mayor David Miller to get involved to avoid a crippling walkout, and admits “most of the public won’t be on our side.”

Damn right most of the public won’t be on your side, Kinnear. With steadily worsening service and lame union propaganda, even your most ardent supporters are fed up.

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We might not be on their side, but it’s a lot nicer to know about the strike a few days in advance. Much, much better than the wildcat crap the last time around. So I give them props for that. It gives me time to get things squared away at the office since I likely won’t see it for the duration.

So I’m not exactly rooting for them, but there’s not much of a downside if you can telecommute. For those that can’t, the next week is going to be a whole pile of fun.

@Chris Taylor: Excellent point, Chris. This should give people time to make arrangements, whether it be working from home or finding some alternate transport.

Maybe I should work on a “Transit Strike Tips” article…

$26/hour + benefits + pension to drive a bus. And the Man told me to stay in school so I could get an education in order that I could earn a good paying job. My parents & teachers were full of crap. They should’ve just told me to be a drone & get a union gig and I’d be set for life.

PS. Why do all union presidents dress like Paulie Walnuts?

“STRIKE FOR YOUR RIGHTs” Were there’s a will there’s a way….We will find a way to get to work. “DON”T BACK DOWN!!!!!!!” Good Luck”

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