Accordion, Instrument of the Gods

Time to Rock Out on the Accordion

It’s a gorgeous spring day here in Accordion City. Now that I’m working at b5media, which is a stone’s throw away from my old busking haunt at Queen and Spadina (you can see a panoramic view of the corner here), I think I might take the ol’ office accordion (yes, I actually do keep a spare accordion at the office) out for some rockin’, street musician-style!

I’ve got plans to expand the repertoire by learning a number of songs from the videogame Rock Band, along with others — if you’ve got suggestions, let me know in the comments!

In the spirit of rockin’ out on the accordion, I’ll close with this photo of the accordion-powered gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello:

Gogol Bordello
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia, by way of Boing Boing.

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I think of you every time I smash my way through Should I Stay or Should I Go in Rock Band. it is one of the first numbers I heard you play. I think it was at Smokeless Joes.

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