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Ooh! Free Chicken Legs! [Updated]

While biking eastbound on Dundas Street West to work this morning, I spotted a long line that stretched around the the corner of Dundas West and Rusholme. The reason? Free chicken legs!

Line at O Nosso Talho for free chicken legs

The Portuguese butcher shop/grocery store O Nosso Talho (which Babelfish clumsily translates as “Ours I Cut”) was offering free chicken legs. I’d say that the line was half Portuguese (probably regulars at the store) and half Chinese (“Free chicken? Deal me in!”).

Update: Jamie McQuay pointed out in the comments that the owner of O Nosso Talho won the lottery, and he decided to share the wealth with his customers. For more details, see this Toronto Star article: Butcher wins $14.5M, will share cash, chicken. He’s giving away chicken legs to his customers and the needy.

Line at O Nosso Talho for free chicken legs

Being a fan of the “double leg dinner” myself, I’d have joined the line if I’d had some time to spare.

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