“The North Shall Rise Again!”

I love the differences between the cool-as-ice South Korean soldier (in blue) and the annoyed-as-Hell North Korean soldier in the photo below:

Annoyed North Korean soldier glaring at cool-looking South Korean soldier.
Photo courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele.

(By the bye, why do all Communist armed forces look as if they shopped at the same second-hand store?)

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The North Korean army is supposedly much better fed than the general population.

But it looks like this guy has tightened his belt so hard it goes around his waist three times!

I can’t imagine how skinny NK civilians are nowadays.

Well, I saved this picture to MY PICTURES 😀
I love the south, no matter where in the world.

With regards the second-hand store, I think it’s a cross between them all being supplied by the same group of sponsor countries, and all using the same circa-1940 blueprint for what a fine soldier’s uniform should look like (hint: the bigger the hat, the better).

An aside: I was living with my folks in Saudi Arabia during Gulf War I (Cut & Dried Edition), and my Dad picked up some sweet Iraqi camo gear in the afterparty. I’m not sure how useful it was in the south of Iraq, seeing as it was jungle camo, but it was also from ‘Comecon’, the USSR (and satellite state) version of the EU.

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