It Happened to Me

I Beat SxSARS!

Cold-fXA number of the Toronto tech gang who went down to South by Southwest — often referred to in its shortened form, SxSW — have come down with a flu-like bug. The combination of flying and being at an event attended by thousands of people packed into close quarters, either in conference sessions or bars, makes for the perfect germ and virus exchange.

I’ve managed to avoid the bug — which Alex Hillman cleverly dubbed SxSARS — through a combination of hand-washing at near OCD frequencies and regular doses of Cold-fX supplement, which is readily available at drugstores in Canada. The active ingredient in Cold-fX is an extract made from North American Ginseng, and both personal experience and a number of studies, including this one from the Canadian Medical Association Journal, seem to back Cold-fX’s claim of immune-boosting properties.

If you’re flying to a conference, I strongly recommend using Cold-fX backed by a hand-washing regime!

(I have no connection with Cold-fX, nor do I own stock in its parent company. I’m just a satisfied customer.)

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