Happy Valentine’s Day from the Golden Girls!

“Golden Girls” Valentine’s Day cards

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Blanche and Rose are the characters’ names. Bea is the actress’ name, her Character was Dorothy. The older one was Sophia.
Thank you for being a friend! (I’m such a nerd)

im 29yrs of age i have two little girls and i never watch television i fear the worst for my children concisering whats on that is so unhealthy. we can only protect them so much but the only television that has taken me away from all the stress of the world today and makes me feel like im not alone in my very way of thinking and holds my very cheerful bowl of laughter hopes and dreams is the golden girls thank you for everything you have done for my husband children and i.

I love the Golden Girls. Im only 18 and its one of very few shows I WILL watch. Everything else is crap. Wish they would make shows like this again!

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