“Races” and Their Faces, 1906-Style

Illustrations of “Race Types” from the 1906 book “New Complete Geography”
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[Via Boing Boing] Here’s a page from the 1906 schoolbook New Complete Geography showing a number of various “races” and what they look like.

Note the inclusion of “Philippino” — probably included because the Philippines was an American protectorate at the time (one of the by-products of which was my great-grandfather, one James O’Hara, born near Dayton, Ohio). I thought I’d run the image of my kababayan (countryman) from the book side-by-side with my own smiling mug, just for kicks:

“Philippino” man from “New Complete Geography” side by side with Joey deVilla.

Should I swap my goatee for that splendiferous handlebar moustache from the illustration?

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That kind of moustache requires waxing. A lot of work but memorable, for sure. If you ever need to evict widows and orphans from their homes, you’ll be all set!

So I’d be the Scottish Highlander (all of my great grandparents lived there in 1906, so maybe one of them posed for this.) Actually, looks more like Frank, who’s not Scottish at all.

Wendy, maybe you should instead be pictured next to a Bostom Cream Pie. Sweet! And less facial hair!

After seeing the picture of that “Spaniard” I ran to the nearest shop in order to purchase a torero hat. Now I wear it all the time and I feel like a real-real Spaniard… !olé¡

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