Been There, Done That

A reader commented that since the Ginger Ninja and I started dating, I haven’t been posting too many blog entries under a category where I used to post a lot of stories: “Yeah…Girls…Geez”. He’s right, and I’ll see what I can do about it.

Here’s a comic that fits under the “Yeah…Girls…Geez”. We’ve all been here before, haven’t we?

“Bad boy” relationship comic featuring a couple snuggling in bed.

I used to get burned by my own “Nice Guy Syndrome” in situations like this until my mid/late twenties. That’s when I adopted the new doctrine I like to call “Just Evil Enough”, which I paired with the doctrine that my old roommate Paul and I developed, “Just Gay Enough (the motto: “We dress nicely, we cook, we don’t take it up the pipe”).

Learn the lesson from that old Star Trek episode where a transporter accident splits Captain Kirk into his “light” and “dark” side — his command and mackin’ skills came from his dark side. Embrace your dark side and own it, but don’t let it own you.

(An aside: a number of people who’ve seen this comic commented on the “boob grab” in the third panel. I said “The double boob grab followed by moving them as if they were an accordion doesn’t win you any points. But I gotta be me!” See? That’s just evil enough.)

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@Pete Forde: If he has any brains at all, he’s pretending that his right hand is the “Bad Cop” and that it’s beating the little fella in the canoe like the perp who killed his partner.

Why are you guys stressing about the boob grab? Do you see her complaining? Have you known any woman to complain? Surely you’ve known some women, right?

I’m curious too. Where did the comic come from. It looks like something I would want to check out. Thanks

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