Accordion, Instrument of the Gods It Happened to Me

Pictures of the Day

I attended Tom and Michele’s housewarming party on Saturday and took some pictures. Here are my favourites…

The “College Girl Dorm Room Poster” Shot

Tom did a little birthday dance number to entertain the crowd — first solo, then joined by Michele. It concluded with this smooch, which just cried out for the Robert Doisneau black-and-white treatment:

Tom Purves and Michele Perras in a post-dance smooch
Coming soon to an Imaginus poster sale near you!

Another Accordion Convert

I’m always happy to let a friend try on the accordion, and since Michele asked, I got these photos.

Michele Perras playing Joey deVilla
She hasn’t hit that moment of accordion transcendence yet…

Michele Perras playing Joey deVilla
…ah, there we go!

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Ha! these are fantastic. i think i’m trying to riff ‘smoke on the water’…
loads of fun – thanks so much for hanging out bringing the instrument of the gods!

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