The Problem With the “Buy Nothing Day” Site…

…aside from the fact that it promotes “Buy Nothing Day”, is that not only does it have pop-up advertising, but pop-up advertising for a chance to win a shopping spree in Paris:

“Buy Nothing Day” site, showing a pop-up ad for a chance to win a shopping spree in Paris
Screenshot of the “Buy Nothing Day” site and its pop-up advertising. What a load of crap.

Critical thinking has never been a hippie strong suit, but surely even they should’ve been able to see the mixed messages here! Remember, folks: spouting sanctimonious claptrap and making empty gestures won’t make the world a better place…just a more obnoxious one.

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I suspect this wasn’t done intentionally, or that they may not even realize this is happening. I’m thinking it’s a nasty behaviour of one of the free tools they used to put that site together, maybe the stat tracker at the bottom?

No surprise here. Between Adbusters’ sanctimonious anti-capitalist commercials and Greenpeace with their gospel half-truths, it’s enough to make you want to give up on the future of the human race and join the pig in shit oil and tobacco company’s in living for today.

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