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He’s Not Clear on the Concept

Woman dancing on the bar in the movie “Coyote Ugly”A scene from the movie Coyote Ugly.

Coyote Ugly Saloon — the New York City bar that inspired the movie, which in turn inspired a number of franchise bars bearing the same name — is about to open a branch in Accordion City’s “Clubland” area.

The National Post reports that Don Rodbard, president of the King-Spadina Residents Association has these particular concerns about Coyote Ugly that suggest that he’s as clueless about life in the big city as the pro-nightclub people suggest:

“Of course we have concerns, Coyote Ugly, yeah,” Mr. Rodbard said. “They don’t have a good image. The impression the world has is that this place is where you go to get drunk and pick up chicks if you’re a guy and pick up guys if you’re a chick.

How does this differ from any other singles bar? Or many house parties, school dances, debutante cotillions and even church socials?


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I’m surprised he didn’t do the first level of research on even the name of the place – which would have given him something much more soundbite-worthy to complain about.. the whole concept of someone or something being Coyote Ugly:

“a situation that results in waking up next to an ugly bedmate after a night of drinking; in such a situation one might prefer to chew off one’s own arm, like a coyote with its paw in a trap, rather than wake up the bedmate. The follow on to the phrase “coyote ugly” is “double coyote ugly”. After you’ve chewed your arm off to escape the ugly bedmate, you chew the other arm off so it will never happen again.” (wikipedia)

…buddy could have said the club promotes self-mutilation!

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