More on the Family Guy “Where’s My Money?” Scene

Why Did Stewie Beat Up Brian?

Still from the “Where’s my money” scene from the “Family Guy” episode “Patriot Games”In the previous post, I included a YouTube video of the infamous “Where’s my money?” scene from Family Guy in which Stewie beats up Brian for not paying back a debt.

Maria, in a comment, asked:

So where was Stewie’s money? Why did Brian owe him money?

The scene is from the episode Patriot Games — the episode in which Peter joins the New England Patriots (and later gets kicked off the team and sent to join the London Silly Nannies).

In the episode’s other story, Stewie becomes a sports bookie. Brian uses his services to place a wager and loses $50 betting that Mike Tyson will beat Carol Channing in Celebrity Boxing. Brian takes his own sweet time paying the bet, and the savage beating ensues.

The “Where’s my money?” Scene, Anime-Style

While doing a search on YouTube for the scene, I found a number of versions in which anime fans took the dialogue and matched it with scenes from their favourite series.

Here are two in which the dialogue is matched with scenes from Naruto:

In this video, the “Where’s my money” scene gets the Dragon Ball Z treatment:

And here’s the Inuyasha version:

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