Filipino Dish is the Most Terrifying Food in the World’s article, The 6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World, lists the Filipino dish balut (pronounced “bah-LUHT”) in the number one spot. They even came up with an ad to promote it:

Fake ad for balut: “Live without fear. After all, you’ve already eaten a goddamn duck fetus.”

Truth be told, while the concept is off-putting to a lot of people, I can speak from experience that it doesn’t taste too bad. If it did, there wouldn’t be so many street vendors in the Philippines calling out “baluuuuuut!” in a manner similar to “craaaaaawfish!” at the beginning of the Elvis film King Creole. I’ll admit that I eat it only in the Philippines, usually as a dare by an American or Australian tourist or expat, when money and/or beer is riding on it.

For more about balut, see this article: Balut. Egg of Darkness., from the blog Deep End Dining.

2 replies on “Filipino Dish is the Most Terrifying Food in the World”

Man that whole article was pure gold.

Balut might lose the eye-candy sweepstakes but casu marzu is top of my no-eat list. Cheese infested with maggots? That can survive your stomach acid, AND BREED IN YOUR INTESTINE (causing vomiting and diarrhea)? Thank you, no!

At least the baby duck has the good graces to die and not attempt to produce offspring in your bowels.

The sombrero-wearing angry ant-head for “Antcheros” is hilarious. Some professional sporting team needs to adopt that as its logo ASAP.

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