Brokeback Batman

Via the LiveJournal “scans_daily” community, here’s the “slashiest page ever to appear in a children’s storybook that does not star Bert and Ernie”:

Page from a Superman/Batman children’s book

Here’s the text:

Without Superman realizing it, Batman stuck a small Bat-transmitter on Superman’s cape. The device sent out a signal, and the Caped Crusader followed it to Clark Kent’s apartment. Superman was just getting ready for bed when he looked out the window and saw that Batman had sicovered his secret. Now the two of them had to trust each other.

Robin’s not going to like this.

One reply on “Brokeback Batman”

This is far from the slashiest page I’ve seen.

Plus, Superman’s wearing pants, anyway.

If you want to see questionable content, look up a site called Superdickery.

If this page makes your image of Batman or Superman falter slightly, Superdickery will destroy it.

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