Ten Ways to Look Like a Total Toolbag

I enjoy both smart-assery and dressing up, so this snarky-but-spot-on piece in Magnificent Bastard, titled Ten Ways to Look Like a Total Toolbag, amused me to no end. Here’s a preview:

Ten Ways to Look Like a Total Toolbag
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The ten ways, which are elaborated upon in the article, are:

  1. Backwards baseball cap
  2. Oakley Blades sunglasses
  3. Bluetooth headset
  4. Gold necklace
  5. Tommy Bahama shirt
  6. National Review magazine
  7. Belt-clipped cellphone
  8. “Cause” wristband
  9. Over-the-knee double-pleated shorts
  10. Crocs

I do occasionally wear a Tommy Bahama shirt when it climbs past 30 degrees (that’s 86 for my American friends), but I have a genetic right: I’m from a tropical country and I can pass for Hawaiian.

[Found via Reddit.]

4 replies on “Ten Ways to Look Like a Total Toolbag”

I hate Crocs… but I don’t get it. Granted, any single item (minus the BlackBerry and magazine) would be completely verboten in my office, but seriously — does anybody actually go around town like this?

People with the words “Business Development” on their business cards tend to wear combos of 7 to 9 items on this list (and I’ve never seen a biz dev guy in Crocs).

I believe that there is one grown man who can be forgiven for wearing Crocs: Chef Mario Batali.

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