The “Opposite World” Map

Here’s my current desktop background image: a map of an alternate Earth, where land and water have been switched:

Preview image of the “Opposite World Map”
Click the image to see it at full size.
Illustration courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele.

I rather dig the “Philippine Kingdom”, located on the far right of the map, not far from the equator.

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No borders, One country. No realigion. No money. Everyone lives to take care of the earth and to have fun.

Nice idea, but some things bug me about the map:

The United Ocean? Rather the American Ocean, just to make sure it’s distinguishable from the Brazilian one.

The English, Japan, Taiwan Lakes should be considered seas, as they’re all too large to contain fresh water. They’d have to be full of salt water.

The “Suez Isthmus” should not exist, thus the African and Great Asian Oceans should be connected, making the Mediterranean Kingdom an almost impenetrable fortress, as the “Isthmus of Gibraltar” would be the only connection to the North Atlantic States.

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