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Toronto Moving Companies: I’m Still Getting Comments [Updated]

A Chevrolet box vanLong-time readers of this blog will remember an article titled At Last, My Blog Lands Me in Hot Water!, in which local moving company Quick Boys attempted to threaten me into removing comments about their service. Those comments were in response to a one-line blog entry in which I asked the readers for recommendations about Toronto moving companies. The ensuing commentary across the blogosphere ended up giving the story a high Google ranking on searches for “Quick Boys”; even today, some of the posts about their thuggery are still on the first page of Google results.

(By the way, Quick Boys, I’m still waiting for my apology.)

What’s interesting is that the original blog entry, Anyone Know any Good Toronto Movers?, is still getting comments from readers relating their (mostly bad) experiences with moving companies. The last comment the article got came in yesterday, and it was about a bad experience with Yellow Moving Company. The resulting article about Quick Boys’ vaguely threatening phone call received comments as late as February of this year, the last comment being about how someone had to call the cops on Quick Boys.

It amazes me how moving companies can stay in business even though so many people have such bad experiences with them. Is it because people don’t use them very often? Is it because of the unfortunate collision of relatively unskilled labour meeting your prized possessions? Is it because it’s an attractive business for unscrupulous people? Or are they perceived as being bad simply because moving is a stressful experience for many people?

Let’s keep the conversation going, fellow Torontonians. Feel free to report any experiences and reviews of Toronto moving companies, good or bad, in the comments.

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I think a huge part of the reason why crappy movers continue to exist (besides the ‘people don’t move that often’ thing) is that moving happens at a time when people are already stressed and stretched financially. Whether you’re trying to come up with first and last while your previous landlord still has your security deposit, or just got hit with two grand more in closing costs than you were expecting, people who are moving rarely have a lot of money going spare. So they look for the cheapest possible method of moving their things, and they end up with thugs.

If there was a legitimate market for higher end moves outside corporate relocations, there would probably be more people operating in that space. But would the prices be more or less than the amount of money the thugs try to extort out of you?

Combination of factors. People don’t move often, and there’s no repeat business (by definition, you’re moving away – you’ll never use the same movers again). Plus you get into a huge power disparity – they have everything you own, and you don’t, so if you argue, they just keep your stuff. And finally because there’s no enforcement. The cops won’t handle it. Government does a poor job of handling it. What I discovered when my moving company screwed me was that New York State, which is home to 20 million human beings, has two people charged with enforcing state laws against moving companies. TWO. One, TWO. Given that there are thousands of moves per day, enforcement of laws is basically zero.

Given that situation, running a dishonest moving company is like printing money. Hell, if I were starting a moving company, I’d do it the same way. Gouge people for a couple of years, rake in the dough, pay yourself very very well, and then shut down the company before any court judgments against you come due. You can start over with a new corporation the week after you shut down the old one.

People ARE using the net to try to fight back – see But I think the dishonest companies pretty much have the upper hand here, and they will until there’s a government inspector stationed in every moving company office.

Anon explains it fairly well and when you combine loose laws, with public ignorance, it’s an open door for scammers and even organized crime. Look at the towing industry for example. How many of us have had our vechicles towed and held for ransom unless we pay $200? Turns out there’s no law that says we have to pay. I discovered that in the 90s. I simply called the cops, they showed up, and my car was let go. Sometime later the towing company called me at work and, insisted I had to still pay, and threatened to take me to court if I didn’t, emphasizing “we always win.” — “Fine,” I said. “Take me to court. Otherwise, f**k off.” I never heard from them again.

So, a few years ago, when I read about the Banditos Massacre, and that some of the gang members were tow truck drivers, I thought “Well, there’s a surprise, eh?” And how many people made the connection with Pamela Coburn? Before this happened she was shamed out of her job at City Hall because — *gasp* — she was sleeping with a co-worker. Turns out some begrudged managers, who she recently suspended, decided to get some revenge by exposing her affair, and pointing out her lover was recently promoted by her. But why were the managers suspended in the first place? Well, Pam was Executive Director of Municipal Licensing and Standards, and she was upset they did nothing to protect an enforcement officer who was threatened by a group of tow-truck drivers (and who apparently had connections to a dirty cop). THIS is juicy stuff. But the newspapers only fawned over her sexual misdeeds.

With Pam now gone, it was back to business as usual.

So the laws stay loose because the people who can change things don’t — or can’t.

My guess is there are enough cops and politicians “on the take” that we will never see a change unless the public opens their eyes and demands change.

My strong advise to anybody in toronto, please dont move with this mover even if they move you for free. Their cost per hour may be less but they charge you more by being too slow and careless. The movers are slow, careless. They damaged my furniture, they took enormously long time just to move one very small bedroom. To top it all, they ran off without finishing their job by keeping my stuff outside the apartment elevator. Completely bad treatement and service, they are advertised in RENTERS NewS. The person incharge of this is named Robert. I just saw some people already have bad experience with these movers. I hope nobody again expereinces this….Hope this information spreads and helps people to select trustable movers.

Quick Boy Mover Beware- They load the truck with all your posessions and won’t move until you give them a large deposit (supposedly) $1500 in my case, of which once Bruce added all the hidden extras I got less than $100 back. Unethical practice. He was alos the rudest guy, condesending, pushy and a big bully. No idea what customer service is. And then he wonders why he didn’t get a tip.

I’m fuming about Toronto City Movers, who stole from me, then hung up on me (3 separate times) when I tried to get my receipt (3 weeks and counting).

They loaded my stuff on the truck, then forced me to pre-pay everything in cash, incl. brutal tip, before they’d unload. Then “escaped”, without letting me look in the truck or providing a receipt.

They banged up my house and my stuff, but I’m most angry that they stole $300-$400 of my scotch.

When I called their “head office” 416-835-3916, David Jones said they had the box that my scotch was in, but – surprise – no scotch.

What made me angry was when David rationalized somehow that it was my fault that my scotch was stolen. Then he insulted me and hung up on me 3 times, when I asked for a receipt. He said they don’t provide receipts, because “we all know it’s under the table” – ha ha. But I sure do remember that they charged me GST.

Upon checking with the Better Business Bureau, it came as no surprise to find these guys had a brutal write-up. Here it is:

I’m going to the BBB and reporting these guys to the cops … but what else can I do?

NEVER use Toronto City Movers.

My Nightmare moving ordeal with Canway Moving company—the most unprofessional and irresponsible mover in the industry.

1 4 months talk with this company with no problems resolved, now as victims, my husband and I are being totally ignored: no phone call back, no email reply…

2 Massive damages on my furniture

3 Lost coffee table and kitchen tools

4 Empty promises for repairing, left us take 4 days leave of absence from work for nothing—they simply didn’t come…

5 Received threatening call from their employee, saying” you can’t sue us..”

6 Charge rate: $95 dollars per hour in winter time (Jan.), with two green hand movers, who simply with no experience, no training, just started that new job in the same week.

7 One lie after another: 5 year experience is a MUST for Canway Moving movers, according to what they promise on their website….Movers tried to deny the damages that they had caused during horrible moving, saying that those damages were there before moving.. until I informed them that I have all my intact furniture pictures kept, then they had to admit that it was them who cause the damages….

8 Instead of apologizing and trying to solve problems they caused, this company even accusing us of having cheap furniture which were too easy to cause the damages…..

Despite all the phones calls and emails from me to try to solve the problems, we are currently being totally ignored by CanWay Moving……

Beware of Executive Movers 647-654-4284 of Victoria Park Ave. Toronto for questionable ethical and professional conduct
A guy named Moses answered the phone to book our move and said his deal was $40/hr with 2 men. We agreed . The move was for a dining room suite and a few furnitures.
After a couple of furnitures were loaded in the tuck , driver asked for $500.
Our reponse was we knew nothing about that kind of deposit. We called their head office , spoke to Moses, who agreed that we can just give the driver $120. (3 hours). We then gave the cash. After they loaded a couple more furnitures, driver said they need$300.00 or else they will not continue..we called Moses again but were given the run around. Driver and other men just laughed , stopped working and smoked and said the clock is ticking and thery will not move the stuff till we gave another $300.00.
We ended up : losing our money, carrying all the stuff back that they left in the front door and few pieces in their truck , wasted our day and are now having to hire another mover.

I just moved from Maple to Toronto, and I used AGILITY MOVING & STORAGE. These guys are bottom line the best movers I have ever used. They moved my full 3 bedroom house very fast. They took very few breaks, and didnt break anything. Theyer rates are very reasonable and they are very courtious and respectful. They used runners over my carpets so they wouldnt get dirty. They provided 5 free wardrobe boxes, and free matress bags.
I can honestly say that customer service is important to these guys. I highly recomend them. Their phone number is 416-654-5029

I had a horrible experience with a company called GTA Moving and Packing. They were rude, intentionally slow and incompetent. In the end they slapped a $100 charge for stairs plus another hundred for their trip to and from the station, even though the move was within Toronto. They said that they had to follow our car to the new address, but in the end they went their own way, and somehow ‘took the wrong turn’ to the new place.
They didn’t even have a moving cart. Had we not found one at the new place, they would have taken the entire day to move the stuff one by one – and I am talking small things like chairs, lamps, etc. They did, however, take 7 hours to move just a few basic things that normally wouldn’t have required more than 3 hours.
In the end, I ended up unloading half of the stuff plus pay them a hefty fee. Not to mention the fact that we had a few altercations in the process. It is obscene how these people are allowed to operate as a legitimate business. Do yourselves a favour, skip this company, no matter how hard pressed you are to find movers.

My name is Sebastian and I used AGILITY MOVING AND STORAGE LTD on August 18th 2009. They were awesome. I found out about them through Craigslist and did a little research on Google. I found several positive reviews and decided to use them. They showed up on right on time and the crew was very polite. They moved me without a hitch. They didn’t damage a single piece and used big bags to protect my mattress, which was cool. I would definitely recommend them. They are very reasonably priced and bring everything they need to move people properly. These guys are the best movers in Toronto! Their phone number is 416-654-5029.

I too used the services of Agility Moving & Storage.
Before I tell you how good Agility employees are, I first would like to tell you how my last experience with movers was.
In 2007 I used a well known company “with Big Hearts”. They showed up over an hour late, they were rude (swearing at myself and my wife), they broke several pieces, and even stole from us.
After the experience we had with them we were very weary of using movers again. After calling several movers, we called Agility Moving & Storage. The sales rep we spoke with was John. He was very courteous and called us 3 days before our scheduled move to confirm. The team they sent showed up early and started promptly at 9 am. They were very careful and wrapped all my furniture. They moved me within my budget and when they unloaded the items into storage they worked carefully and fit it all in.
Agility moving and storage employees changed my thoughts of movers. I have since recommended them to all of my friends and will be calling them anytime I require a mover.

Their phone number is 416-654-5029

Ambrose from Toronto.

I recently moved from Toronto to the GTA, for that move we unfortunately used a company by the name of Miracle Movers. The movers were slow, rude, and barely spoke English.And Moved as slowly as possible. They arrived at our new home 3 hours after we did, saying they got lost. After they unloaded our boxes, they held our furniture on the truck demanding another $200, before they would take it off the truck. When we spoke with the boss and told him were not paying more than he quoted us, he began cursing, and said he would tell the movers to leave everything in the truck, and keep it in storage. After 2 hours of negotiating, while we paid them, they unloaded all of our furniture into our front hallway. Terrible experience.

My second experience with a GTA moving company came today, when I had scheduled a piano delivered to my home. I google searched professional piano movers, and I started calling and getting quotes. After many quotes of around $350, I received a quote from CMS movers of $225 flat rate. This price quote included all the details of the move, stairs involved etc. Needless to say I was very pleased I had found such a great deal! Boy, was I wrong. When they finally arrived an hour and half late, and after the sellers of the piano had called me to say that ‘these guys are not professionals”, they demanded an additional $75, before they would even open the truck. I said I would not pay them more than the quoted amount. I called the Owner of CMS Movers, Alex and told him what was going on. After a few words back and forth, we agreed on $260. Well, the movers were still not satisfied with this dollar amount, and unloaded the piano into my driveway. My husband, called Alex the owner back, and Alex began yelling and swearing, and that he didn’t need our business. Another fine example of crooked moving companies Miracle Movers and CMS Movers in the GTA, are exactly that crooks!

I hired Inner city moving and storage for august 30th 2009. 9 am rolled around and they weren’t at my place. So I Googled for best movers in Toronto. I came across many websites including this one with very good reviews of Agility Moving & Storage. So I called them to see if they had a truck and crew available. The person I spoke with was so kind and professional throughout our conversation. He informed me that all their crews were booked, but took my number and said he’d contact each crew and would call me back and let me know if they could accommodate us. I received a call back immediately (with in 15 min.) and he told me they could have a crew at my door between 2pm and 6pm guaranteed. I liked the price and they seemed very professional so I decided to give them a try. The crew called me 30 mins. after I booked to confirm my address and to tell me they were loading the contents of their job and would be at my address around 2:45pm. The crew showed up at 2:15pm, they were very courteous and were very eager to start. They completed the job in less time that I figured it was going to take. I realised why I had found Agility Moving & Storage under the best movers in Toronto on Google. I am always going to use and recommend Agility Moving & Storage anytime I need stuff moved.

CALL THEM @ 416-654-5029!!


Thanks for the update on the toronto movers .. I was going to use Big Hearts only because i saw their vans on the 401 but I’m set on Agility Moving & Storage…

I hired GTA movers, who subcontracted to Logan Movers. They arrived 4 hours late, after saying they were involved in an accident. They asked me to sign an outrageous contract with additional cost per piece of furniture, dispatching fee and per step. After getting upset with them they grabbed my deposit money ($200) and left, telling my I owe them for the inconvenience. Following them out, I took a picture of their license plate, and in the cab they had ski masks on. I filed a police report. They confirmed the truck had NOT been involved in an accident and suggested it was a ploy to make me more anxious about getting moved on time and willing to sign whatever they gave me.

I had bad experience with “2 small men moving company”. They lost my stuff and never got them replaced. Delivering stuff in my apartment was a pain and they didn’t tell me about minimun 4hr….when they got to my apartment they said their truck cannot go in, and they went with my stuff, and i had to pay extra for the storage for overnight, time for reloading into another truck & delivering. They transported my stuff with someone else’s and gave me wrong weight..i even found stuff that’s not mine and gave them to them, but never got my missing stuff. I’ve asked & I never got the actual weight of my stuff, so i paid for transpoting other person’s belongings, because they were refusing to unload my stuff. They said it will be adjusted and i’ll be refunded…never got it. Now they say i’ll not get anything without lawyers signature….i don’t wanna pay for the lawyer for straightforward case like this. Will never use them.

Beware of rogue movers out there to steal your hard earned money
Their tactics are cheap rates, dragging their feet, asking you to sign a contract,
Extortation ( ranging $300-$1000) and pretence professionalism.

They advertise under various aliases which include but are not LIMITED to

* Executive movers
* Gtatorontomovers
* GTA movers or moving
* Miracle Movers
*AC moving and Storage
*Alpha City Moving
* No company name, just a cell # such as 416-994-4786, 647-818-7861

They will offer you 2 men and a truck of any size at a rate of $40/hr, sometimes less if it’s the end of the month and they are desperate.

These rogue movers use ficticious names like Raj, Ron, Moses, Alex , Andrew, John, they are visible minorities of South Asian , Black and Caucasian descent.

The victims list is long and endless, IF you want to bring these Rouge Movers to Justice

***Reply to this ad****

The only info you have to provide is the date of the incidence, amount they extorted out of you, and the fake company name they operated under.

Consumers Advise: When the movers arrive, ask for their business card or ID( driver’s license), copy this down with the license plate of the truck, and do not sign A contract under any circumstances.

Every day is for the THIEF, one day is for the OWNER!!!!

The perils of phone booking. Never book a mover without seeing the billing system in advance. Moving really is a dodgy horrible business with lying or misinformation the key element of the business . What else can I think when the mover for ARROW MOVERS Scarborough, whom we will never use again, said “we are all the same”. We had a small move and were verbally quoted over the phone a minimum of 3 hours plus 1 for travel at $40.00 ph. When asked for the senior discount advertised in the Scarborough Mirror we were told that was it. We paid a deposit of $200 when they arrived and when they had everything at street level the shock arrived with a bill of $332.50. (minus deposit) When my wife phoned the company for “Sam” her original misinformant funnily he was not there and she was told that it was 3 hours each way but the senior’s discount was 2hrs. Then there was a Km charge, a stairs charge for 3 steps, a misc charge for placing goods in locker. None of this we knew about in advance. There was no line for taxes on the bill just “others” and it did not add up to the correct %. Pity the tax dept does not have a look at these cash businesses. One is made to feel that one has been hijacked and held for ransom by unethical business. Interesting this was a two part move with the next part in a month. ARROW obviously does not care for the second part as hell will freeze over before I would use them again but where tell me where is here an ethical mover?

My daughter used GTA Movers and they indeed extorted extra cash from her before unloading the truck. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Note to self: Get everything in writing, carry a phone, and if people try to pull this crap, call 911 and report a theft in progress.

I just want to inform the whole world never to have anything to do with Arrow Movers!!!… They are grossly UNRELIABLE!!! We had an agreement and the stupid movers did not show up, and they did not even have the courtesy to call and cancel. When I finally reached them, they were the most RUDE Fellas I have ever came across in my life. No show, zero attitude, bunch of thieves.




Greg & Sons Moving and Storage
Compensation was the least of my reasons for wanting to speak with you since it will be next to nothing as I knew and accepted before my move. It’s not compensation I was looking for really, it was an empathetic ear for your company’s blatant negligence. It is obvious to me now that your sales pitch for the family business that cares about my possessions and move was all just that, an empty, phoney sales pitch that over sold and under delivered. I am extremely disappointed in you and your company. I will certainly make sure that XYZ (real estate agent) who recommended you and all my neighbors and future friends here at Swan Lake know of my poor experience with you and your family’s moving business. You may profess to have completed 300 jobs here but you won’t get any recommendation from me.

I had a lousy experience with these guys and would advise you to stay away. They originally quoted me a reasonable price. Upon arrival, the movers told me that there was also a 10% fuel surcharge, and a 5% surcharge for paying by visa. Also, the moved me for 4 hours and 15 minutes (after giving me a 2-3 hour estimate quote), but charged me for 5 hours, but when i tried to get them to stay and move some boxes around, they left, saying they had another job to get to. But not after bullying and intimidating me into giving them a big tip.

The movers were really lazy too – they took their dear sweet time loading up the moving truck. Took them 2.5 hours to load up my fairly small place, and I don’t even have that much furniture, but they took the smallest armfulls, and took everything with the 2 of them (the boxes weren’t that heavy) I know they were messing with me because the unloading went super quick (when they had another job to get to)

I called the company to complain twice, 2 weeks later they still haven’t called me back.



So I guess that rules you out “EASY”.
You are not a professional. You clearly have no costumer service skills.
Demanding your clients provide bottled water??? They are paying YOU sir to do a job for them. Why not demand foot rubs at twenty minute intervals too!?

Expecting tips???? So you’re basically playing the thug routine but playing it from the other end:

“we’ll do a good job for you but only if you give us extra money at the end”

So what does that mean “EASY”? That you’ll do a shitty job if you don’t expect a tip? In other words, once again the customer is mislead over price.

Here’s a tip EASY: True professionals, explain and outline all the steps of a move, what to expect and how it will be done and at what cost… BEFORE they start the the job.

You are not a professional and you are just as bad as the out and out fraudsters for giving our industry such a bad name.

I sincerely hope you get out of the business.

moving is not an easy job at all, please pay, pay more for good movers and avoid cheap con- man movers that only care about getting your job and don’t care

$75hr for two guys plus a travel time for truck expense is the minimum standard, anything less just not add up to legal business sense to operate a moving company professionally
DONT BE CHEAP and then complain, pay for quality service and have a contract that you can see for peace of mind

i am a mover for over ten years, its sad to hear all these horror stories but because of the bad movers with cheat rates and bad service that makes it hard for good professional movers to survive anymore in this business. these bad movers are all over the place because the moving business is not regulated there is no way a company advertise at $45,$55 or even $65 an hour with a couple of guys can perform properly. how much are these workers making an hour ? these bad companies use guys who don’t know how to move furniture up and down steps and through doorways properly, anyone can move but trained professionals can do this smoothly without any damage to furniture and property. no real professional will lift heavy stuff up steps for low pay, thats one, next customers are looking for the cheaper rates and are been con by these bad moving companies with hidden fees etc.
good companies don’t have anything to hide, you pay for what you get its not worth getting your furniture and property damaged just to save on cheaper hourly rates, pay for quality work, Good Movers does charge more.
the company i worked with i would say, not a big advertised name company but is professional and highly recommended by his customers. as a worker for this company we all are properly trained to caring for the customer’s property and furniture and to be courteous to all customers and would not even take breaks on small jobs, we knew what to do and would work efficiently at all times on every job . we would try not to let our hands touch there walls if possible, we were this sensitive about being professional at all times.
every home we moved the customers were so amazed at how we handle there move and would always refer us to there friends and family. this company was based on all referrals there were no need to advertise. GOOD WORK, PROFESSIONAL SERVICE, CARE thats all it takes! customers must pay nothing under $75 per hour for moving if you want professional. Being professional comes with companies paying for professional caring workers with proper training, proper maintained trucks, insurance and other expenses, so remember your valuables are worth a lot to you, like any other services moving is hard work and should be paid well, forget the cheap cons. and don’t think of the cheapest mover but quality service here is a good referral for excellent service call

I wish I had stumbled upon this earlier. Had a terrible experience with Executive Movers. Please don’t use them

Trever I see where you’re coming from, but there’s always the smaller ones that are a bit cheaper because they do the work themselves. I’ve had not so good experiences with the bigger guys that spend big on advertising (two small men…,etc), but always had good experiences with the small businesses where the owners actually do the work, because whey want you as their customer and they need you as a referral. Some good smaller ones I dealt with were Frank’s Movers (can’t find them on google) and A&M Moving . But you’re right, when it comes to price you might get 5-10$ per hour cheaper than the going rate, but once you go below that, something must be fishy.

STAY AWAY…run…they sure won’t “run”…from El Cheapo Movers!

Not the cheapest, but use them only if you are moving garbage, and don’t care if everything is ruined!!!

BAD BAD BAD experience…

I wish i had read all this info before this bad move I experienced. Do not use CITY HAWK movers with an address in Rexdale – some indian guy called Nick, who later changed his name to Sam when we called to complain (Nick was “away”) with no last name. We gave a $200 cash for deposit even though they wanted $300, good thing we didnt do that!! They were a lazy bunch, smoking and taking items so slowly, did not use their dollies, even though they had 2 of them, the truck was dirty, no boxes, blankets nothing. We kicked in to help to get things going faster. Once the truck was loaded up, the gave a bogus invoice of close to $700!!! including things like heavy items (I could carry everything in that truck myself!! no sofas, big beds, nothing!!) We said no way to their “new” invoice so they offloaded the stuff outside (embarassing!) We called the cops who arrived 3 hrs later and we detained the movers for the day and filed a complaint, but since there was a contract signed that was it. The saving grace is that we didnt pay these scumbags the invoice they gave and stopped them from going and dupping more people that day as they sat in their truck thinking about their sins!! Bottomline, there is no such thing as a “good mover” every one will have the capacity to screw you – best to have a quote provided in writing -, ID of company, driver, other payments allowed, not just cash in advance of the move and for sure, DON’T SIGN ANYTHING!!

I would recommend The Moving Company, I spoke to the owner Naim. He was 5 minutes late but very apologetic. He is very professional and I was happy with his services and would recommend to use his services. His number is 416-824-4470

I’ve moved several times, from province to province with my family and for work reasons. One of the better moving services I’ve used was arrow movers – which I found on Craigslist. They were pretty good and the estimated price didn’t change – as a matter of fact, it was $20.00 cheaper when the job was completed than the estimate was.

These are the worst movers ever. Damaged goods. Just there to rip you off. This company has many names and are all liked back to Moses Matanda who, IMHO, is a crook. Wish I had done more research before we hired them. Company has many names, Executive Movers, Movemasters, Kiya Halla Movers, Diamond Movers, Premier Movers etc, etc. They can be identified mostly by the common language and the phone numbers they use. Here is a list of numbers: (416) 732-5961 1-800-659-1817 (647) 393-1191 (416) 840-6914 (647) 989-4284 (647) 654-4284 They claim to be insured but I doubt it as I tried to get them to process a a light they broke and my $2500.00 fridge that they battered up. No luck. Moses told me that I would have to pay $500.00 more as a deductible and that I should have paid for insurance upfront. The move cost us $1400.00 and they didn’t even move 1/2 of our stuff. The bill never made any sense. Names of the people who work at these companies include: Martin, Tony, Gary, Sean and Moises. I have been told there is also a Mike and a John but I have never spoken to them – yet.

Please do not use EXECUTIVE MOVERS it is a nightmare. I arranged with the owner of the company for my move which he give me an quotation of $40 per hour for 2 men and a truck minimum of 4 hours, which it would be around 400 to move my belongings.When they got there not only they took a half an hour to look around the apt they were talking on the cell phone paying their personal bills. After they loaded my stuff in the truck then the fun began. The wrote an invoice for 1000 dollars and said if I did not pay them cash at that moment they would take my belongings to the wharehouse and i would have to pay a fee to go and get it all. After speaking with Moses the boss he agreed that I would pay only 800 and they held my stuff hostage until I give them the money. They would not even go into my apt parking lot until I give him the money. They had no experience we end up moving things ourselves, they had no experience and they were scammers, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY AND BEWARE THEY HAVE OTHER COMPANIES THAT THEY OPERATE UNDER THE SAME PLACE, also names Moses, John, Mike and more that I am only now discovering. It is my believe that the movers themselves are in the scam but they dennied it and said they were going to quit because they do not think the company is fair to the customers……I do not believe them for a minute.
PLEASE SAFE YOURSELF AND DO NOT USE EXECUTIVE MOVERS OR ANY OTHER LINKED TO THEM OR MOSES, JOHN, MIKE these companies are scams in order to get money and probably your goods.

Well! I read this webpage before picking up the phone — I liked what I saw someone above write about Naim and his company (“Canadian Cargo Taxi”) so I called him right away. Get this:
a) he gave me a quote immediately, and promised that it was a price that had no hidden fees
b) he agreed to help me move the very same day
c) he worked hard and fast, bringing my goods from original room right to final destination room, not just “door to door”
d) his price was more than fair, and indeed, was exactly what he had quoted.
e) he is an absolute gentleman as well
Thanks, “joeydevilla”, for this webpage!
PS. Naim’s phone # hasn’t changed from the above entry.

Michelle your post almost sounds like an ad. Are you sure your name is Michelle or should we call you Naim ?

To Angela,
I am mover Naim and just to reply to your comments about my service reviews. I just wanted to let you know that we do not blow our own trumpet. Hire me once and you will see if it is true or not?

I just wanted t say i also had some rough experiences with moving in the past. The last time i moved with LOGAN Movers, they asked for $900 when they had quoted me around $400. When i refused they dropped my stuff off right on my driveway and they took some of my furniture with them. I got is back when i paid them in full. They had a contract with all these hidden charges. This time around when i was moving a co-worker recommended GTA Easy Movers, these guys charged me $65/hr but there were no hidden cost. They took great care of my new big screen TV and all my electronics and all my furniture was intact. These guys were well trained and professional . I say you have to pay a little more sometimes to get professional service.I will recommend these movers to all my friends and family. There number is
416-671-1010 and there website is

Has anyone had any experience with a Moving company out of Brampton On named Moving Titan Phone #’s 1-888-726-4470 or (416) 899-2146. They have adds on kijiji and craiglist right now and I have them booked for a upcoming move. Thanks

FAST MOVERS – 416-876-8389
60 North Hills Terrace,
North York, ON M3C 1M7


I called to book them a few months ago and thought i would share my bad experience with the rest of you.

They quoted me 60/hour with 1 hour travelling fee. I had a 1 bedroom condo (not much stuff) figured it would not take very long.
They arrived at the wrong time (4 hours before the scheduled time). They called me and i told them they made a mistake. I had the elevator booked for a specific time with the concierge!!!

What they did next is unimaginable.
They show up late – start loading their truck – get to the final destination and BEFORE anything is removed from their truck they hand me a bill………………
580.00 (They charge me for 4 hours where they arrived too early AND for my moving. The calculations do NOT even make any sense and they REFUSE to take out any of my belongings. I had to beg them to lower the price to 380.

THESE 2 BOZOS were not only rude they ruined some of my items.

If you want someone to rip you off they are the perfect candidates!
When you call them the phone person makes it sound like it will be a dream move…when it fact it’s a NIGHTMARE>

Save your money – Save your time and – save your sanity!!!!!!

Bottom line – you get what you pay for…

I have been in this business (as an owner) for a long time. Some small companies can offer excellent service – some of the time. If they are small they likely have 1-2 good drivers and some good loaders. If you get “the good guys”, you will have an excellent experience. If one of the drivers is on vacation, or they take too many orders and sub-contract out the overflow to “another guy”, or they got paid the day before and are hung over for your move… well you are taking your chances no matter what.

Also, there is a lot you can do to minimize your costs – like PACK EVERYTHING, throw out your crap (unbelievable how much crap people have), and move everything close to the door… simple stuff, but it makes a huge difference.

Ultimately your best assurance is to select a company that is a member of the Canadian Association of Movers; that does not ask for any deposit up front; and that operates a fleet of vehicles with their logo on it.

Realistically speaking you will need to pay at least $120/hr (summer rate) for 3 men to get decent service. This may sound worse than paying $80 for 3 men, but I guarantee you that the $120 crew will be more productive and damage less stuff so that in the end you pay less…

Do you want to buy a Toyota or a Kia?

Up to you….


DO NOT USE SKYLINE MOVERS 647-895-6004- I found them on craigslist, they looked reputable.
They claim no hidden costs I was quoted $80 for the first hr then $45 for two guys and truck /hr. No other costs
They were on an 1 1/2 late, then they hand me a contract to sign and tell me it’s $180/for the fitst hr, I said no, they said ok…I never signed the contract.
Next once we got to the new place im told I now have to pay $20/per mover for stairs?
and GST..

Worst move experience ive ever had.

El Cheapo Movers is the worst moving company in Toronto,

I’ve been using them, and recommending them for a few years. However, the begging of the month I used them and them and they have totally fallen apart. They showed up in a rental truck. One of the guys was actually very personable and seemed to know what he was doing, the other looked like he was on drugs. I watched him let go of my grandmothers’ nightstand while carrying it, totally smashing it. My brand new hardwood floors were gauged beyond belief. And virtually every piece of furniture I had was scratched. At the end of the move, after pointing out the destruction, the ‘good’ mover confided to me that they are no longer the company the once where. The owner has no part in the business. They make it a common practice to screw over all their core reliable movers, and instead hire ANYONE they can get at the end of the month in order to cut costs. Horrible business practice! Now, I would have gone out of my way to rand about them like this if this if it was an one-off event, but in the last few months nearly everyone whom I recommended them to had a similar experience. Very disappointing. And not even close to cheap!

Do not use AIM movers! I asked them if they had any minimum charge and they didn’t tell me that they had a minimum 2 hour. They charged a high price (75$/hr) and added a truck fee (they did tell me about this) but failed to mention that they add on ‘gas’ 10% charge which is a 10% of the entire amount- even though we only traveled about 3km. The movers themselves were nice enough and didn’t break anything, but the company themselves were scammers and added on extra charges without any warning. A total of 6 items to move 3km cost over 250$!

MIRACLE MOVERS ARE THE WORST WORST WORST. Soooo dissapointing, they bailed on us and left us in the dark. They confirmed our move (phone and via email!) for June 28th. On the day of the move, they contantly pushed back our move hour, by hour… We were supposed to have been picked up at 1pm.. at 4:30pm they said that they would be there soon. Then at 5:00pm, we could no longer get in contact with them (office was closed) and they NEVER CALLED AND NEVER SHOWED UP. We had to scramble around at 7pm (when we really realised they werent coming) to find a van, round up buddies to help and try to get out that night. We finally ended up getting everything out at 11pm, and had to pay our new condo extra to keep the elevator open. They still have not responded to my three emails inquiring as to the lack of service on the day… its now a whole week after.

We moved with Albert Moving on June 30th from a 3bdrm townhouse in Milton to a detached house in Milton. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about booking with this company after all the recent moving scams, and also because all of the reviews were so positive! I was very pleasantly surprised by our experience. Albert and team showed up an hour early (which worked out to our advantage) and it took about 7.5 hours to move everything. The crew was great! Very pleasant and careful with our boxes and furniture. Nothing was scratched or broken! They dismantled and wrapped all of our big furniture and didn’t scratch any walls on the way out…or in to our new house. My only criticism is that they have one standard truck size and it wasn’t big enough for everything, so multiple trips were required (which was why it took so long to move everything). For $85 per hour (for three movers and a truck – plus a travel surcharge) it was definitely a great investment (and much cheaper than many other movers I called). HIghly recommend!
(416) 659-7844

After much online searching, we chose Avery Moving for our end of July 2010 move.

It was a close to perfect as possible. The fellows were polite and efficient and I would highly recommend them.

DO NOT USE GOLDEN MOVERS INC. They took over 4 hours to move a 3 bedroom apartment and didn’t bring a big enough truck so made arrangements to do a second run..once 1st load was unloaded THEY TOOK OFF!!! Leaving me with furniture to be moved..DID NOT FINISH JOB and DID NOT GIVE ME BACK MONEY OWED!!!! I was over charged with promise to rectify bill once they returned to do 2nd load and they drove off..stealing my money and not completing a contractual job for moving! – have been calling constantly to try and have this dealt with and they continue to hang up on me and promise to talk to the “manager” n which I have not been contacted!!on my moving day I had a different company (affiliate) contacted me for arranging details … SMS MOVERS …in which the main office person was the one making arrangements for 2nd load.. And all details of my move on my moving day…I will be calling BBB on both companies if I do not hear a response in next 24 hours! And my money returned and an apology for all the aggravation this has cause!!!!!

You have to try out Moving Titan .They have a female that answers named Primrose.Great customer service.We had a wonderful experience when they moved us in June

The worst movers in Toronto is North York Moving and Storage company. Here is my experience with that company.

The agreement was hourly base to move our items from our old house to our storage. They made a very slow job to get more hourly money. Even people at storage place told them and us that they are the slowest movers they have ever seen. basically they abused the agreement and us. I am very much dissapointed with them and do not advise anybody to go with them. They abuse their clients.


My Family and I moved from North York to Brampton just in September and we were looking for movers online! Im telling you, its was pretty scary especially with all the bad reviews, Yikes! Anyway to make a really long story short, I received this flyer in the mail from this moving company in Toronto called RoadRunners Moving and Storage, and let me tell you, I was amazed! They erre so professional, which was shocking because I kinda of have an idea of what movers are like and I have heard some moving “horror stories”. Well, they were quick and surprisingly friendly. I had a Huge grand piano and I didnt think they’d be able to get that thing out the door! Thank goodness thought hey did, without any damage. they were pretty reasonable too.

by tthe way, these guys even took care of one of my plants for me for a week so that I didnt have to put in storeage, it obviously would’ve died! He brought it back to my house.

They were great. They really helped me out

If you guys a looking for a good moving company call RoadRunners Moving and Storage.

its 416 900 6061

0ctober 27 2010
what ever people do … I beg you not to ever get CITY HAWKS MOVERS they are the worst movers ever ….they like to extortion people BIG TIME…. and treat people like dirt they throw your furniture and belonging around like no care at all …. today I had a tenant moving it my building a women and her daughter who are very poor…. and this company extortion her so badly I watched from my balcony how they through her stuff on the lawn and where going to leave it there…. then they moved it to the lobby of the building and damaned more money …. they broke her stuff and laugh about it this is very sad and sicking…. never use CITY HAWK MOVERS AT THIS NUMBER 416-887-6688 they are Indian decent not sure east or west but be careful never use this company ever

We just moved with Agility Moving yesterday and it was by far the best moving experience I have ever had. The crew arrived on time, they were fast and efficient and took really good care of all our belongings. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a move.

Dont use sms movers they also go by big boys and gta movers they will rip you off charge you more and steal stuff make you wait for hours charge you more than waht they say or quate

I was definitely worried about getting movers, especially after some of the horror stories out there. I’m a student so I’m also on a budget, but getting Roadrunners movers ( was the best money I have spent lately. It saved me a lot of time, grief and stress, not to mention sweat and tears! I moved from a one bedroom condo to a house both in the GTA and it was a great experience from the time I requested a quote from these guys until the left my house. They were polite, prompt, thorough and included furniture and mattress wrapping, as well as the use of wardrobe boxes that other companies always charge extra for. I am moving again and will definitely call Brendon and Paul again.

DO NOT HIRE “” or “smj movers” 416-994-4694/905-672-0952. They are the worst movers in the city. I got their name from the top of list on google, holiday special $50/hr. I called and “Mark” confirmed $50/hr. That’s it. Nothing else. No other costs or taxes, so I booked for Jan 1/11. Pouring rain, 2 idiots show up Tariq and Kirby, K is still drunk and admits it. They pull out a piece of paper calling it a “contract” but it wasn’t, and started writing things about 4 hour minimum (?) and extra $20 for heavy objects (?), initial here, etc. They wanted a deposit and since I had no alternatives, I gave over $240 cash. During this move, they broke my dishes, the glass on a couple of pictures, and my mattress has a rip in it and these are just the thinks I’ve discovered so far. The took at least 2 15 minute breaks, and K was a billigerant ass. K told stories of how they harrassed and threatened other customers by leaving washer/dryers downstairs and charging extra for stairs. K was rude, hostile and racists and kept yelling at T. I was scared that’s how bad it was because I knew they would keep trying to jerk me around. When we got to the new place, they decided to tell me what I would be paying in fees and wanted me to pay upfront – before unloading. I said no and I’d pay at the end. Luckily the cable guy came and I asked him to stay because I knew the movers would harrass me for money. And they did. I paid them $340 for 5hrs/travel TOTAL which was too much. They wanted $360 plus tax. They did not work 6 hours @$50 plus taxes. I paid more than they deserved but not what they wanted. They argued and I stood firm. But I was upset for days after. DO NOT HIRE THEM!!!

MULTICITY MOVING is the worst moving company on Toronto. They break things in your house before they get it on the truck, and even worse they hide things they have broken in transit at the new place by stacking boxes around it, they con you about insurance, they won’t honor their estimates, and they won’t sign the receipt at the end of the move. When you complain, the owner gets extremely abusive. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. They are are appalling.

a straight up good moving company Towncity Moving, 416-236-1700 TRUST ME these guys are terrific, have watched them moved myself and other friends i have referred them to had NO PROBLEMS, they are careful, experienced and such polite guys. these guys are pro at what they do. the best movers without a doubt and i had used few other moving companies in the past and yeah had problems.
Towncity Movers you guys Rock! all the way

Never, ever just pick a moving company randomly off of an internet search. Always go with a recommendation or your stuff can really end up in trouble. If no one you know has used a moving company before or you’re new to the city, you could always ask a real estate agent, who’s the kind of person having to recommend movers all the time.

I hear bad stories of moving companies all the time, i have used the same moving company my friends and in-laws used for over ten years, Tony is a true professional at what he does. Towncity Moving extremely careful with furniture and my home, very efficient the best in the moving business.








Used Hudson movers…very professional…would use them again…only negative is that they don’t work on Saturdays.

You get what you’re willing to pay for. Anything under $50-60/hour is unreasonable, considering gas and employees cost quite a bit. That being said, do a little research, search for the company on Google and see what others say. Personally I’ve recently used A&M Moving at the recommendation of a friend and they were good. Either give them a try or ask someone who has used movers before for recommendations.
Here’s their contact info: or 1-888-668-3161

[…] 7.Toronto Moving Companies: I’m Still Getting Comments — The Those comments were in response to a one-line blog entry in which I asked the readers for recommendations about Toronto moving companies. The ensuing commentary across the blogosphere ended up giving the story a high Google ranking on searches for “Quick Boys”; […]

My co-worker referred First Choice Mover to move our 4 bedroom house. We were very happy with their service and professionalism. This was my second move and to be honest you get what you pay for. These guys might not be the cheapest but you’ll have peace of mind. We highly recommend them, call them you won’t regret. Their number is 416-876-9400

I used Jia Jia Moving this weekend.
Paid $624 for 2 bd condo (even without bedroom set).
My husband did more moving than of the movers.
Took more than 6 hours – they estimated another 1-2 hours.
Not a single item including furnitures went upstairs. – IS THIS EVEN LEGAL?
After 6 hours they left remaining thing on my front lawn.

If you have any problem, you won’t get beyond their customer service who can’t do a thing for you.

DO Not Use Economy Movers / Affordable Movers / Voyage Moving Company. This truck is driven by Scott. Cell # 647-894-4849. Believe nothing this man says or does. I hired him for a job that he advertised for $60 per hour. He turned up 1 1/2″ hour late, and begin to ask for $80 per hour. The man refused to move unless I agreed to his suddenly increased price. The previous day I had asked if there were any additional charges in addition to the $60 per hour, and he said no, there were no additional charges except for $60 in traveling time. I said OK, not realizing that after the move, he now brought up a bill of additional money for his men having to use stairs. he now begin to lie to me, saying he asked me where the move was coming from and going to if there were stairs. This is a bare face lie, he never asked anything. He depended on the mover having made arrangements to get out of one apartment and the time factor will convince customers to give in to his timely demands for more money and additional charges. To add insult to injury, one of his workmen tripped with a desk in his hands and left a hole in the wall. When questioned, it was found out that he was not insured. He advertises Economy Movers, his business card says Affordable Movers, and his contract says “Voyage Moving Company”. This man is a scam. Stay away from him.

I am glad i used Moving Titan after reading all these scams. I paid $74/hr for 2 men which is high but the service is worth it and they are not scammers. People need to realize that you get what you pay for. Don’t expect great service when you are paying $40/hr. Good luck to you all.

Towncity Moving company, Tony is awesome great guys worth every penny, i moved from a two bedroom apartment from toronto to my new home in Maple and these guys came highly recommended, so i called them and Tony was polite from the start, took great care of all my belongings everything was wrapped and moved so so stressed free, i salute you guys!!

Thank you very much for saving us – we had arranged a company called Husky Movers.
When we read your reviews, we chin-checked these guys, finally getting them to admit that there would be extra charges for stairs, extra charges for heavy items, an hour EACH WAY for travel time…

We’ve cancelled them, and we called Roadrunner, as per the recommendations above.
These guys are tremendous, full quote immediately, and he even told us we sounded more like a studio apartment rather than a 2-bedroom.

So. Husky Movers should be added to the list, and, thanks to you guys, we’ve been saved from a crap experience – keep on truckin’, Joey, it WORKS.

Husky Movers is actually the same company as City Hawks (that Agnes described above). I hired them two months ago and got royally screwed. The guys (East Indian) were slow and one of them spit on my floor – right in front of me. They tried to extort a ridiculous amount of money out of me and only unloaded my things after I called the cops. I guess to spite me they decided to “keep” one of my boxes which was full of about $1100 worth of stuff. Didn’t notice it wasn’t there until they left. They go by many names and many phone numbers but the one I called was 416-887-6688


After reading full blog i have realized that the need of moving companies is become greater. don’t you see that 42 people have share their different opinion about moving, it is just fantastic thing and your posted information about Toronto Moving Companies is just amazing. keep it up

Agility movers these guyz just doing there advertisement here fkin making ppl fool these comments are not posted by any costumer ,they just writing these comments by themself for advertisement . Dont get fooled , we careful before u move .

I found this blog in search of movers and, because of it, found Bazinga Movers. I had a really complicated move because I am in France and was trying to arrange all of this at a distance (friends helped by being my “representatives” during the move).

I called Bazinga and right away I got a great feeling. I had spent an hour calling different companies and getting quotes – I can tell you that the phone presence of some moving companies is HORRIBLE. Speaking with the representatives at Bazinga was a breeze – very nice, very pleasant, and very courteous. I actually called on the day of the guy’s wedding, and despite his rush (who could blame him) he took the time to give me a quote!

I explained my situation and how much stuff I had. Though the company usually requires a three hour minimum, I received the “Condo Special” which was a two hour minimum. Longer than I needed, but the shortest “minimum” I could find without any extra charges.

With this two hours I was able to get:
– A FREE 15 minute assessment (the movers show up 15 minutes early to look at what they are moving, to help with bubble wrapping, etc. – the clock does not start until your scheduled time)
– Two movers and a truck
– No additional charges for gas or travel time from their location

The whole move cost me $200 (before tax I believe) which was AMAZING considering the prices I had been quoted at other places.

There had been one mis-communication between the office and the movers. My friends were told that it was a three hour minimum and had no other choice but to pay the extra amount. When I called the company the next day to point out the mistake, it was as simple as giving them a mailing address so they could send the extra money back.

I would ABSOLUTELY without question book these guys again. No muss, no fuss, and that extra 15 minutes for assessment may come in handy for larger moves.

Their contact info is:
Phone: 647-400-4000

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