It Happened to Me

You’re Bummin’ Me Out, Man

Elevator down button

Photo by Will Pate. Click to see the original.

When I got onto the elevator in my building this morning, an older man and woman were already in the car, discussing the repair work being done on the building, which is showing its age. When the woman left at the ground floor, the man turned to me.

“Young man, when you’ve lived in this building for a while, you see the same people, year after year. They get older, and you see it — they’re going down, down, down.”

As he said “Down, down, down,” he pantomimed a falling leaf with his hand.

“Well,” I said as I shrugged, “it eventually happens to everyone.”

“That,” he said as he left, “is the only good thing about it.”

You know how to bring down a room, big guy.

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