Toronto Humane Society’s New Posters

I like the simple, playful design of these new posters for the Toronto Humane Society:

Leo Burnett’s new poster designs for the Toronto Human Society
Click the image to see the article about these posters.

There’s more on these posters at The Fruits of Imagination
, the blog of the Leo Burnett agency’s Toronto branch.

6 replies on “Toronto Humane Society’s New Posters”

I suppose it’s intended to be zeitgeisty, but it seems juvenile or anime/Twitterish. Or the descendant of those mutant alternapuppets that Sonic Youth was hot for in the ’90s.

Straight guys are simply not gonna respond to these, except with revulsion.

I have to say I’m a bit biased the other way. Although the design is very playful and cute, I don’t find it’s giving me the same kind of emotional response when looking at a picture of a cat or dog. For example, if you replace all the photos on Icanhascheeburgers with drawings of cats and dogs and keep the captions, it simply is not going to be the same.

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