Inventing the Future

“Perhaps someday in the future, people will exchange punch cards of their favourite bikini girl printouts. And maybe, if computers get advanced enough, pictures of cats with humourous captions.”

60's printout of a woman in a bikini.
Click the photo to see it at full size.

2 replies on “Inventing the Future”

When I was a kid (in the 70’s) my father sold farm machinery and every year at the local fair he would have a space where he would present his product. For years the space next to him was occupied by the US Army.

Being a fabulous and outgoing child, I immediately made friends with the Soliders and the sole woman. We had a great relationship for years.

I remember in the mid-70’s they were demonstrating technology – specifically The Teletype! What an amazing piece of equipment for a time when VCR’s were still figments of our imagination. They used paper tape with holes to print out images like you show on paper. It was amazing to watch this roll of paper unwind and have characters print out automatically and take shape…..of a Tweety Bird.

I had that Tweety for years….I wonder where it is now?

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