DemoCamp 13, The New Sound System and Geeks & Guitars

David’s Report

Most accounts of last night’s DemoCamp say that it was a good one, and it seems that the new format is helping. David’s got all the details in this entry on his blog, which not only covers what happened but also what can be done to improve DemoCamp.

The New Sound System

If you were there, you might have noticed that it was easy to hear the speakers. That’s thanks to the new TorCamp sound system, which I picked up at Long & McQuade earlier that day. It consists of 2 80-watt individually self-powered speakers, which can be used either in tandem (for large gatherings) or separately (for 2 break-out sessions where some voice amplification is desired). It will be used at DemoCamp events, and it’s available for anyone who wants amplification for an event that falls under the “TorCamp” umbrella.

I paid for $376 for the speakers and expected that it would take 3 or 4 passing-arounds-of-the-hat at DemoCamp events for me to recoup the costs, but last night, we collected $316.44 from all of you, with BubbleShare’s Albert Lai stating that he would match the funds raised out of his own pocket. Since we did so well, Albert, what say you can I split the remaining $60?

The generosity of the DemoCamp community is wonderful. I thank you, and so does my VISA card.

Geeks and Guitars

Some of us went from DemoCamp to Geeks and Guitars, which is just Mark Kuznicki’s name for what happens when we geeks descend on the open mic jam night at a lovely little bar called The Press Room (850 Dundas Street West, between Manning and Euclid). That was fun, and I’ll post a story later about how we had not one but two accordionists rockin’ out last night.

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Incredibly frustrating: I have two self-powered 100w amps that I’d have killed to have sold.
Actually.. I have four.

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