Any Shared Office Space in Toronto?

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A self-employed friend of mine is looking for shared office space here in Toronto. I expect that demand for such a thing — where people rent out desks with phone and internet connections and shared faciilties rather than an entire office — will increase as a result of technology and the current business environment making it possible.

I pointed my friend to the Centre for Social Innovation, but if you have any suggestions as to where else he can look or know of anyone who wants to share some office space, please post them in the comments!

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I sit on the board of directors for the PLEDC – we’re looking into establishing a model very similar to the CSI’s. Might not happen soon enough to help your friend, but anyone interested in this sort of set-up should definitely keep their eyes on over the next year or so!

The Coworking wiki has a page for Toronto which links to Indoor Playground. Might it be up his alley?

Unfortunately down here in Iowa it’s going to take a long time for ventures like this to take off. I’ve been considering the viability of starting such a space myself in Iowa City, but I don’t know if it has a big enough freelance/entrepreneur community to sustain one.

BTW, I’m Jordan Running, Tucows’ newbie writer. Greg Weir turned me on to your blog–nice place you’ve got here. 🙂

I lease office space for a living but frequently get requests for shared space. Great place to start is on my webpage as I have a link to a company that does leasing exclusively for business centre’s and shared space environments.

Give it a shot at

PS. Tenant’s usually don’t realize that when you really get into the numbers, leasing a small 500 sf office is the cheaper way to go!

Depending what kind of work the person is into, the Sustainable Enterprise Resource Centre ([]) may be another possibility – though it’s kinding kinda full. (I work with Libra Information Co-op’s iniative, and we have a desk there and are happy with the arrangement.)

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