Over at my friend Lisa’s site — On the Facethere’s an article about Miriam Libicki’s autobiographical comic book series Jobnik! (“Israeli slang for someone who did their mandatory army service in a low-prestige job – like clerk or a truck driver”).

Lisa writes:

Raised in a religious home in Ohio, Miriam immigrated to Israel as a teenager and volunteered for service in the IDF. Classified by the army as excessively emotional and sexually ambivalent, and possessing poor Hebrew skills, she was not considered suitable for a job in Intelligence or as a medic, so instead she was sent to do clerical work at a base in the middle of nowhere. “The service was unbelievably boring, but I don’t regret it, mostly because that experience was the inspiration for my comics. Army service exposed me to an aspect of Israeli society that I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.”

A sample:

Sample page from Miriam Libicki's comic book 'Jobnik!'.

To see more, there are five-page samples from each book in the series at Miriam’s site.

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