One More Article on "Global Nerdy" Today…

Google and Microsoft logos.

It’s by George and it’s titled Microsoft shyster harshes on Google book search. He’s writing about Microsoft’s General Counsel for Copyright, Trademark and Trade Secrets, Thomas C. Rubin, and his speech to the Association of American Publishers. In the speech, Rubin tried to put The Fear, especially about into his audience by telling them: “Google doesn’t respect copyright, and Google’s actions are designed to aid their own business at the cost of publishers.” The speech is an interesting new wrinkle on a classic Microsoft tactic — Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, or as we in the industry call it, “FUD” — and George does a pretty good job at exposing all its flaws.

I’m disappointed with Microsoft’s use of this forum. They’re a world-class technology company. Surely they have some concrete solutions to offer the members of the AAP? This was an ideal opportunity for Microsoft to get in front of a multi-billion-dollar industry and demonstrate how they could help grow that business. After all, Google’s having a hard time making its case with these people, but the publishing industry recognizes that they can’t stand still in the face of increasing digitization. Unfortunately, Microsoft sent a lawyer to do a man’s job. Save for a few warmed-over nods to Microsoft’s book search project, there was nothing besides anti-Google FUD on the menu today. Publishers didn’t get anything they could use to reinvigorate their industry online, and Microsoft gets a swarm of blog posts like mine.

Although it might get me in the bad books of a number of relatives including an aunt who’s done so much for our family, my “brother from another mother” and the only other person in my life worthy of the name “Dad”, I’ve got to say that I can help smirking at the crack about “sending a lawyer to do a man’s job”. Go ahead, read the article.

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