11 Dead, 100 Injured in…Kite-Flying Festival?

Skull kite.

At a two-day kite-flying festival in Lahore, Pakistan (former home of my good buddy George), injuries and deaths were caused by:

  • People falling off rooftopsStray bullets
  • Electrocution
  • and sharpened kite-strings [Joey’s note: Huh?]

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If it’s anything like the kite flying festival in The Kite Runner, the idea is that the “last kite flying” is the winner. They sharpen the strings, to cut the other kites down, and people fetch the losing kites as they land. I’m guessing that people stand on roofs to try and fetch the falling kites. Not sure where the stray bullets come in though.

From The Guardian UK

Indian and Pakistani youngsters give the pastime a competitive edge through “kite duelling” – trying to knock a rival’s kite from the air by slicing through his or her string. But the sport, which requires considerable skill, has acquired a dark underside in recent years.

To gain the upper hand enthusiasts have spurned cotton strings for glass-coated versions, often strengthened with chemicals. The upgraded strings can be as sharp as a knife and have deadly consequences.

It does sound bad, but I would defend it on behalf of the boys in the Kite Runner. No bullets were involved.

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