There’s Always Someplace Colder

While it’s been cold here in Accordion City with temperatures in the negative teens (on the Celsius scale), it’s been much, much colder in Winnipeg:

Winnipeg on a very cold winter morning.
Photo by Wayne Glowacki, Canadian Press

Here’s the text that accompanied this photo:

The Winnipeg skyline, seen from the city’s Arlington St. bridge, is shrouded in steam at sunrise yesterday as southern Manitoba awoke to a second straight day of extreme cold. Temperatures plummeted to record lows earlier this week in six communities – including 40.6C in Gimli and -41.9C in Fisher Branch and Winnipeg endured its chilliest day in 11 years on Monday, shivering at -41.7C.

For my American readers: -40 degrees is where the Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales meet.

I’m looking forward to next week’s trip to San Francisco and San Jose. 13 degrees celsius sounds positively balmy right now.


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