R.I.P. Anna Nicole Smith

Unexpected news: according to CNN, Anna Nicole Smith is dead after being found unconcscious in her hotel room.

Anna Nicole Smith

It’s not that I’m a fan or anything, but hey, she’s probably responsible for a lot of internet traffic in the form of pictures and video, and the internet is my bread and butter these days.

There’s also the fact that she’s about the same as I am — we’re both 39 — although I’m sure my bloodwork isn’t anywhere as interesting as hers.

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She reportedly had flu-like symptoms for the last few days.

I have too, so if I keel over this may be my last-ever comment.

I really dont see what the fuss was all about… big boobs, bleach blonde hair, toothy grimace… big fuckin deal.
Some commentators have said she’s the Marilyn Monroe of our generation. Bullshit. Anna Nicole Smith wasn’t even a third-rate Mamie Van Doren, let alone a third rate Monroe.
Unfotuntely, there’s a child that’s being fought over (only because she’s due to inherit money). So far, FIVE men claim to be her father. I’ll officially announce my claim to paternity, before the line of profit-seeking pappys extends around the block.

Unfortunately for you, I’ve recovered.

I hope you get better soon too. Whatever illness you have, it’s interfering with your ability to spell, and making you press the Caps Lock key.

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