For Sale: Deadbeat Ex-Housemate’s C++ and Security Books, $5 Each

That’s right, there are even more books for sale from my deadbeat ex-housemate’s collection. This installment covers his C++ books plus a couple of extra security books I found; an earlier installment covers Java books, and an even earlier one covers information security and cryptography books.

Want any of them? They’re a mere $5. Come pick ’em up (I’m in the High Park area of Toronto), or pay for shipping and I’ll send them to you. Email me at

C++ Books

The Waite Group’s C++ How-To by Kalev et. al. [Paperback][Waite 1999]

C++ Primer, Third Edition by Stanley B. Lippman abd Josee Lajoie [Paperback][Addison-Wesley 1998]

C++ from Scratch by Jesse Liberty [Paperback][Que 1999]

The C++ Standard Library from Scratch by Pablo Halpern [Que 2000]

Using C++ by Rob McGregor [Paperback][Que 1999]

More Security Books

Hacking Exposed: Network Security Secrets and Solutions [First Edition] (here’s the Amazon link to the second edition) by Stuart McClure, Joel Scambray and George Kurtz [Paperback][McGraw-Hill 1999]

Hack Attacks Revealed by John Chirillo [Paperback][Wiley 2001]

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