Every Episode of "House", Summarized in 12 Seconds

The television series House, M.D. is a favourite of Wendy’s, and I don’t mind watching it either, but when you boil it down to its essence, it can be summarized thusly:

Animation of every episode of 'House', summarized in 12 seconds.

Mondo thanks to Miss Fipi Lele for the graphic!

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It’s missing the scene in which the recently-cured patient, misdiganosed, suddenly gets worse and seizes/bleeds from orifices/lapses into coma. House then discerns the true nature of the disease, as if by accident, while making a crack about Cuddy’s cleavage.

Also, someone needs to break into the patient’s house/apartment. He’s used everyone on the show already. Next episode he’s gonna pay some bum on the street to do it.

Yup, I kind of figured every episode worked that way.

Thanks for the story board.

I love the show anyways.

Also the intro, where those of us who managed to escape being spoiled by the tv network teaser watch a seemingly innocent scenario and play “which one of these people is about to keel over?”

“The kid’s having an asthma attack.”

“Too obvious. Look, the other guy in the background is clutching his chest.”

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