Today is "Reveal Your Blog Crush" Day

'Reveal Your Blog Crush' Day.

Postmodern Sass sent her friends — of whom I am part — an email announcing that today, December 15th is “Reveal Your Blog Crush” Day. The transformation of the internet into a giant world-wide high school is now complete.

“Reveal Your Blog Crush” Day is the creation of Sandra Hekkinen and “Ms. Sizzle”, and they say that you may have a “blog crush” on a blogger if…

  • You can’t wait to read what they post next.
  • You want to be friends with them.
  • You think they are the cat’s meow. Meow!
  • You might find them attractive- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, whatever floats your boat.
  • If you met them in person, blushing might occur.

“If you have to really think hard about who your blog crush is,” Ms. Sizzle writes, “you probably don’t have one.”

Once you’ve determined whether you have a blog crush, it’s time for the awkward step: declaring it. The rules, as stated in Ms. Sizzle’s blog, are pretty simple:

  1. You can have more than one crush (but please refrain from naming your entire blogroll in an effort to keep everyone happy).
  2. You must reveal it on December 15, 2006 on your own blog.>
  3. Boys can crush on boys. Girls can crush on girls. Boys can crush on girls. Girls can crush on boys. This has little to do with our sexuality and more to do with being bloggeriffic.

By the way, when did “crush” (in the sense of infatuation) become a verb? In the past few years, people have gone from “having a crush on” someone to “crushing on” someone.

I’ll sit this one out, but if you have a blog crush and want to announce it to the world but don’t have a blog yourself, feel free to use the comments for this entry.

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How ironic! Just yesterday I mentioned to a co-worker how much I like your point of view, your writing style, story-telling skills, etc. I showed her a few examples (e.g. The Greatest Christmas Present Ever) and she agreed. She has now book-marked it and plans to go through the archives when she has time.

I’m not sure that qualifies as a crush — I still think that word only applies to romantic feelings — but yours is the only blog I bother checking out.

I’m a little late but I have to admit that I have a huge blog crush on this site. I just love the design . So clean, so simple, so elegant, so much information but so easy to use.

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