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Your Second Warning: Blogstravaganza is Friday, December 8th!

Animated graphic of Isaac, the 'Love Boat' bartender.

We’ve got just over a week to go until Blogstravaganza, the Toronto blogger get-together taking place on Friday, December 8th at 8:00 p.m. at Fiddler’s Green (27 Wellesley Street East, just across the street from Wellesley subway station). We’ve got the entire second floor reserved just for this gathering, which means that we’ll get our own server, pool tables, couches and space to chat with our fellow Toronto-and-area bloggers. If you’ve got a blog (or LiveJournal, MySpace or some similar thing, we’d like to see you there!

Blogstravaganza is being organized by:

Bob wrote this about the event:

As in the past, it usually makes sense to start showing up a little after 8 – but there’s people who work downtown who will probably be there earlier to grab dinner, so pretty much show up whenever the hell you want. And if you don’t recognize anyone at first – don’t leave. Just ask around, we’ll eventually find you. Last time around, we did a pretty damn good job at packing place, with people from across the political spectrum, along with bloggers who don’t have time for politics and cover everything else under the sun – wherever you stand, whatever you blog, read or talk about – come on out. We need bloggers from the left! The right! The centre! People who hate politics! people who blog about cats! And every! Body! In! Be! Tween! It’ll be good times.

I’ll be there a little before 8, and will have the accordion on hand. Perhaps I’ll even do a number in the karaoke room downstairs…

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Dang it I had to miss it last year and will again this year. Next year I’ll be there for sure I hope. I wanna here ya play that Accordion.

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