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XBox 360 Game Recommendations?

XBox 360 core system

As you may have read, I won an XBox 360 core system in a trivia game at the Ajax Experience yesterday (I knew that learning Java development trivia would come in handy someday!).

If you’ve got XBox 360 games that you love, recommend them to me in the comments! I prefer the shootin’, killin’ and adventurin’ games to the sports stuff, and I also like music-based games.

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I hear Guitar Hero is coming for X-Box, you must purchase it and invite us over to play!

P.S. I’m looking into accordion lessons, watch your back!

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By FAR the most enjoyable games that both me and my girlfriend have played recently are the two editions of Lego Star Wars, hands down. Addictive play, no gore so kid- (and squeamish type-) friendly, some fairly easy puzzles, not overly challenging, really, and also a good 2 player cooperative game.

But ultimately there’s just something so satisfying seeing things break apart into bouncing little Lego pieces when you destroy them…. And hey – who never wanted to pilot a lego x-wing to blow up the lego death star? Awesome fun.


I would second the Dead Rising recommendation. A friend owns it and it looks amazing. The replay potential is very good too. One word of warning though: you need an HD capable TV to read any of the in game dialog. You can play it on a standard def TV but you’ll probably go blind!

Kameo is a fun platformer/adventure game with a nice twist with the creatures you can play as.

$20 used copy of Halo 2 ftw!
gears of war comes out in a few weeks… looks like it’s going to totally rule the pool.

Dead Rising and Lego Star Wars II are the two games that have gotten the most play in my 360. If I had to pick just one, it’d be Dead Rising. Gears of War is coming out in November and looks very good. Guitar Hero will be out soon too.

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