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James Duncan Davidson and Me

The gentleman pictured below is James Duncan Davidson. He’s often seen at conferences where the subject matter can be classified as “Web 2.0”, where’s he’s easy to find: just look for the friendly, smiling redheaded dude with the mega-phallic camera lens. Here he is taking pictures of a panel session at the Ajax Experience:

James Duncan Davidson taking photos at one of the Expert panel sessions at the Ajax Experience, October 2006.

In addition to fast becoming the Annie Leibovitz of the Web 2.0 set, James is also a programmer of note. The trivia question that led to my winning the XBox was “The man with the camera in the front row is well-known in the Java community. In the Java world, what’s he known for?”

I raised my hand first, so I got picked. For a moment, I was tempted to say “He’s known in Java world for defecting to Ruby!

Sensing that the answer, accurate as it was, would not be accepted, I gave them the answer “He’s known for making ‘Ant‘. The build tool.”

Ben Galbraith, one of the conference organizers and a judge at the trivia contest, looked a little uneasy. “I was thinking of something else, but I think that’s right…

“Oh yeah,” I said, thinking quickly, “…and Tomcat.” Although I’m not really a Java guy, I’ve used Ant many a time, but never Tomcat, so it’s a little off my radar.

Okay, then. You win the XBox 360!

So I tip my hat to Duncan, for playing a role in my shiny new XBox 360.

I also have to thank him for taking this lovely picture of me playing accordion at the Ajax Experience party on Tuesday night. I love this photo: it says “this guy enjoys life.” Mondo thanks, Duncan!

Joey deVilla plays accordion at The Ajax Experience, October 2006. Photo by James Duncan Davidson.
Click the photo to see it on its Flickr page.

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Why do I find myself singing the title of this post to the tune of “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt?”

== IQ

Awesome! I’m glad you like the pic! It’s one of my favs from that conference. You can just see the enjoyment in your face…

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