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Tonight on CityTV: "Ugly Debt-y!"

(Sorry about the title. When a good pun makes itself, I cannot resist!)

As I mentioned in a post yesterday, a couple of folks from CityNews dropped by the office to interview me for a segment on Googlebombing based on my article about my deadbeat ex-housemate. The segment airs on CityNews tonight at six.

I’ll write more about the interview later tonight, after I’ve seen it myself.

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Well the reporter (Kris Reyes) does qualify the criticism by saying “it’s truly harmful and painful when it happens to an innocent individual”.

I don’t think Joey’s doing this out of spite, and I would be surprised as all hell if he hasn’t at least gone as far to protect himself against charges of libel. Presumably he can, if pressed, produce proof that the ex-roomie owes him six grand. If that is so, then the ex-roomie is not exactly an innocent party being bullied by a big bad meanie.

Let’s wait and see what CityNews does with the interview, it’s not a foregone conclusion that it’s a hatchet job.

Ice Prince yelled out “LOOK!” That’s where our squishy cow came from!

Good on ya!


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