Big Sister is Watching You

I suppose if I ever run across this book at a yard sale, I’d pick it up for laughs:

Big Sister is Watching You

For the benefit of the search engines, I’ll quote the text from the graphic above:

Big Sister is Watching You—Hillary Clinton and the White House Feminists Who Now Control America And Tell the President What to Do:

This stunning book by former University of Texas professor and bestselling author Texe Marrs—has ignited controversy across the U.S.A. This highly documented exposé of Hillary Rodham Clinton and her gal pals has been banned and censored everywhere. Anna Quindlan, the top feminist reporter for The New York Times was furious when she read this book—she promptly wrote a national column blasting the author and demanding that the feds severely punish him! Big Sister is Watching You proves Hillary is not only a lesbian and a communist, she is a New Age occultist deep into black witchcraft and communication with the dead. Her gal pals—Janet “Butch” Reno, former stripper poet Maya Angelou, and others—are also outed for the first time. Discover the dark powers Hillary Clinton has over her husband, Bill, and what America’s most powerful woman plans to do after she herself becomes President in the year 2005.

Speaking as a person who’s not all that impressed with Ms. Clinton (between the fakety-fake pandering to American conservatives and her chumminess with Rupert Murdoch), I have to say that author Texe Marrs isn’t just disturbed, but bus station disturbed.

Be sure to check the other books on Marrs’ site. They’re full of rantings about the dark secret of New Agers, the Illuminati, and — of course — “Mark of the Beast” chips. We’re talking weapons-grade crazy here. Suitable either as a gag gift for friends or a real gift for the tinfoil-hatted special person in your life.

(Thanks to landruc for the link!)

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“Bus station disturbed” indeed. No wonder we evangelicals have such a bad rep in some circles, given what our kind gets up to. *sigh* But hey, you Catholics have Mel & his dad! Bwahahahaha!

Yeah, we’re kind of stuck with Mel. I don’t think he’d approve of the implicit Strauss-deVilla “Mutual Non-Burning Pact”, never mind the Koslow-deVilla one.

Thanks for the reminder. I have at times been in inter-Nicene flame wars in which a pre-argument mutual non-burning pact would have been reassuring!

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