It Happened to Me

An Outtake from My Upcoming Podcast on the Kiko Acquisition

Yesterday, I recorded a podcast that covered the Kiko acquisition in more detail. Right now, I’m editing it and cleaning up the audio; I hope to post it by week’s end.

Just because I can, I’m going to be different and post an outtake from the podcast before posting the podcast itself.

Here’s an outtake of an interview session [486K MP3 file] with me and Tucows’ CEO, Elliot Noss, and my old boss, Ross Rader, General Manager of Retail Services. The question I meant to ask was about “how they managed to purchase an asset like Kiko in a spectacular auction,” and I completely flubbed the line, turning it into a question about how they got that spectacular ass.

It’s the very first thing we recorded in yesterday afternoon’s session. I like getting the bad takes out of the way as early as possible. Enjoy!

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