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Joey playing accordion with 'Hulk Hands'.
I should use this photo as my avatar on is a site set up by Jordan Wagner as a place where accordion players can meet their peers, announce upcoming gigs, exchange playing and maintenance tips, talk about their repertoires and generally discuss all matters accordion. I’ve just signed up for an account, and if you play accordion and would like to chat with other accordion players, you might want to as well.

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Hi Joey! Accordion sighting!
At the opening of the Doris and Alex Weber Jewish Community High School, Dana Huff wrote:

This morning at our faculty meeting, we celebrated as our headmaster arrived, dressed in a tux (as was our Judaics head) and playing his accordian, and some of the braver teachers (not me) actually got up and participated in Israeli dancing through the media center. It was so much fun to be a part of. I felt kind of silly just sitting there, beaming (and clapping along with the accordian), but we were all so excited and happy. I really enjoyed sharing that moment with my colleagues.

Do you know Jordan? I just got unsolicited mail promoting his forum. I don’t play accordion, but the address he sent it to is the administrative address for a tinwhistle/flute/general Irish music webforum I host.

Of course now I have to assume he’s sending mail to all of the forum members. I hope he’s not. But if you know him, a word about mail that walks like spam and talks like spam might be constructive.

If you don’t, I can send him a heads-up about the impression he’s sending just as easily, but I figured if he was an acquaintance of yours the message might get across better.

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