I Wonder If the Back of the Packaging Says "Pick Two"

Courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele, a photo of the “Sure / Safe / Easy” humane poultry killer. Its usage is depicted on the box:

Fisher's Human Poultry Killer.

I’m reminded of the “Head Crusher” character from The Kids in the Hall:

'Head Crisher' character from 'The Kids in the Hall'.

(P.S.: Someone please tell me they got the joke in the title of this entry…)

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That picture actually belongs to someone I know. It should be attributed to him. Would you like his contact info?



Yup. That my mom’s kitchen table, and my great uncle Frank’s chicken killer. 🙂

Pyat (though I posted it originally in my Brunovonboots persona on a Hamilton, ON LJ community)

I got the “Pick Two”, but what I don’t get, and have been wondering about for some time, is: Who is Miss Fipi Lele?

“Fipi Lele” = “F***P***”. (I’m taking my life in my hands even telling you this much.)

I have a similar device I found a long time ago. Didn’t know what it was until now. I would be interested in knowing the origin of the photo posted here. – Dave

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