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After-Work Barbecue

One of the nice things about working at Tucows is that the Toronto office is a pretty decent space, being an old warehouse in the Accordion City neighbourhood known as Liberty Village. When your biggest complaint is an overabundance of natural light (which makes it hard to read a screen), things can’t be too bad.

The company recently picked up a couple of gas barbecues and hooked them up to a natural gas line on the deck. We inaugurated them last Friday with an after-work company barbecue where our CEO Elliot Noss played chef:

Elliot Noss flips burgers on Tucows' new barbecues.
Fearless Leader barbecues on the Tucows deck.

Naturally, a company named Tucows would serve beef (and beef-like veggieburgers for those of us lower on the food chain).

I should check to see what the rules — if any exist — about using the barbecue are. I’d like to fire it up and make my own lunch sometime.

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