More Pocket Bike Dorkiness

Here’s another post on dork — er — pocket bikes, inspired by my earlier post.

There’s a lot of work involved in making pocket bikes seem cool. Most of it involves posing women beside pocket bikes, either in comic form:

Or in real-life itchy-in-the-pants form:

However, the reality is less glamourous:

Far less glamourous:

Far, far, less glamourous:

3 replies on “More Pocket Bike Dorkiness”

I dunno, I like the pocket bikes. Really I do. Does that make me a dork, or am I saved because I’m a girl?

Trust me, you’ll test positive for dorkdom the minute you sit on one of those things. The lopsidedness of a person sitting on one of those tiny things guarantees it. Better by far to get a full-sized motorbike, scooter or bicycle.

…and with perfect timing the British government is ‘cracking down’ on these mini-bikes.

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