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Cracking Down on Dork Bi… — oops — Pocket Bikes

Photo of a pocket bike in action with the caption 'Maybe this is cool and I just can't tell.'

I’m surprised that the Toronto Police have to crack down on pocket bikes; I could’ve sworn that the shame of riding one of those dorky little things would’ve been a sufficient deterrent.

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When I lived on The Esplanade some jackass would ride around the neighbourhood at 8am on Saturday morning on one of those. An absolutely infuriating way to be woken up.
One day it just disappeared – I suspect it was due to the chorus of school children who used to laugh at him as he tried to show off.
Now a 5yr old on one of those things… that’d be one bad-ass kid.

I live in Edmonton, and here we have moron 20year olds driving them around and thinking they are funny. I think they’d be funnier if they drove it into oncoming traffic, that would be hilarious, especially since they also never wear helmets.

Bless you! One of teh evul teens up the street has one of these, and last weekend he rode it …rrrrreeeeEEEEERRRRrr back and forth……nnnnnneeeeeeEEERRrr several dozen ….rrrrrEEEEEERRRrrrrrr times, when there’s actually…nnnnnnnneeeEEEERrrr a local ordinance ….rrrrrreeeeEEEEErrr against the things.
As soon as I picked up the phone, the little bastid …nnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeEEEEEEerrrrrr stopped for the day. I’m so swiping that image (please?), because I was trying to figure out what the hell that stupid little thing was.
Kid wasn’t wearing a helmet, either. In my family (two nurses, no waiting) we point, laugh, and say “Future donor.”

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