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Lisa Goldman on the Situation in Lebanon and Israel

Still of video of interview of Lisa Goldman on Canada AM discussing the situation in Lebanon.

Click the image above to see the video.

My friend Lisa Goldman, who blogs from Tel Aviv at On The Face, was interviewed on the morning news show Canada AM about blogging with respect to the current situation in Lebanon and Israel [link to site using Windows Media]. In the interview, she talks about how blogging has helped Lebanese and Israeli civilians communicate and recognize each other’s humanity and the strange and surreal situations that arise during war. It’s a short interview, and makes a good introduction to the sort of stuff you’ll find on her blog, which I find to be a much better read than the shouting going on at Little Green Footballs and Daily Kos.

Also Worth Checking Out

Lisa’s a regular poster to Global Voices Online, a project started by my friends Ethan Zuckerman and Rebecca MacKinnon. Here’s a link to the last posting she made, which covers what the Israeli blogosphere is saying.

You should aslo check out her post titled Putting Things in Perspective, which debunks some of the propaganda surrounding a photo that’s been inflaming the Arab blogosphere.

On Kottke, there’s an infographic from The Independent which shows quite graphically which countries support an immediate ceasefire and which don’t.

Over at Slate, there’s a Flash-based interactive “Buddy List” which lets you see who in the Middle East is pals with whom, who are mortal enemies and who are in “it’s complicated” relationships.

Strife and Power in the New Middle East. A New York Times infographic that documents the relationships between various groups in the Middle East.

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