What Jeff Killed

'Jeff' the cat from stalking a mouse.

Blogging about your cat is an act that’s stereotypically bloggy that Ross and I managed to make a little mini-event out of it called “Blogacatmas” (traditionally celebrated on the first Friday of October). What Jeff Killed is a blog that takes cat-blogging to the next level: it chronicles the kills made by Jeff, a large orange cat from Shadow Hills, California.

What’s interesting is that Jeff isn’t the blogger’s cat. The “about” page explains:

Jeff has adopted our back porch and yard as his home. He uses our dog’s house when it rains, but mostly he likes to sleep on our patio chairs and keep watch over his domain.

Though he doesn’t really belong to us, we provide Jeff with food and water; however, this does little to lessen his killer instinct. To humans, Jeff is an exceptionally good-tempered and friendly cat; to rodents and other small animals, he is death itself.

It could be that Jeff likes to bring us gifts to repay our hospitality. Perhaps he is simply a hardwired killing machine. All we know for certain is that he hunts down a wide variety of small animals and disembowels, decapitates, and dines on them. Often.

The expected birds and mice appear on his list of skills, but what is truly extraordinary is the rabbits that Jeff captures, kills and ate, save for the hind legs. Jeff isn’t that much bigger than the rabbits, which makes the feat rather impressive (if gruesome).

If you’re the squeamish type, you’re not going to like this site. It’s got plenty of gore, what with pictures of Jeff enjoying his grisly meals, and the heads and entrails he leaves behind. The only exception is the entry about the steak that Jeff attempted to steal from their barbecue.

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