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A Dubious Distinction

Japanese Doritos bag featuring the 'Taits-Kun' guys performing 'denki anma'.

Thanks to the articles about the Japanese bag of Doritos featuring the ‘Taits-Kun’ (“Tights Guys”) characters in some hot foot-on-nards action, this blog is now one of the top results for denki anma on both Google and MSN Search. As I found thanks to some commenters and a little Internet searching, “denki anma” literally translates from the Japanese as “electric massage” and refers to the act of holding a person’s ankles as they lie prone, stepping on that person’s crotch and shaking your foot from side to side.

If you really want to get creeped out, here’s a Japanese Google search for “denki anma”. Many of the links aren’t safe for work, and I remind you that you might come out a different person just by looking at them. There are days I’m certain that the Japanese make this sort of stuff up as part of a “who can freak out foreigners the most” contest.

Perhaps I should adopt “Denki Anma!” as a videogaming battle-cry, in the same sense as World of Warcraft players use “Leeeeeroy Jenkins!”. At the very least, I feel that I should post signs all over the office that read “Employees must wash hands after using the internet”.

In case you missed the articles about the Japanese Doritos, here’s the first one and here’s the follow-up.

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