The Squishy Cow Deadline Has Come and Gone!

The deadline for requests for squshy cows has passed. I’m afraid that due to demand, I can’t fulfill any more requests, but keep in mind that this won’t be the last time we have such an offer!

Thanks to everyone who participated — your cows will be in the mail soon!

3 replies on “The Squishy Cow Deadline Has Come and Gone!”

Could I get a squishy cow if I paid you money for it? I’m not always around to check the blog every day. I missed the deadline. But I would love to have I know my daughter’d love a squishy cow. Please tell me. How much for a squishy cow? Please, please?

Does this mean my original squishy Tucows cow that I aquired from an ISP con in 2001 is now a collectors item? I guess I better stop letting my 7 month old son use it as a teething toy then 🙂

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