Ferris, Saved

Nobody believed Damian Penny when he insisted that there was a Ferris Bueller TV series, but I’d have backed him up. (I consider Ferris to be a personal hero — much to the chagrin of a playa hata friend of mine — and keep a repository of all sorts of information Buelleresque in my noggin.) Still, it’s nice to know that courtesy of YouTube, there’s more solid proof:

I saw a couple of episodes, and it was terrible, top to bottom. The sillier Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, a show that ripped off a good number of ideas from the Ferris Bueller movie, made for better viewing.

If you’re wondering if anyone from the show moved on to bigger and better things, here’s your answer:

In tribute to the Ferris in his true form — the movie — I give you the opening theme: Sigue Sigue Sputnik’s Love Missile F1-11 [3.5 MB MP3].

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Parker Lewis was the business! Shame only one member of the cast went on to greatness (if you call a supporting role on ER to this day greatness). The last time I saw Parker was as a skydiver in Drop Zone, and I the nerdy guy took a big step down for the Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad. My oh my.

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