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Accordion City Musical Tidbits

Just a couple of quick tidbits:

  • Last night, I was part of a small group of bloggers who were invited to take a tour of the Four Seasons Centre, the new opera house at Queen and University. I’ll post a writeup before the grand opening on Sunday. I think the architects and designers did a great job in making the building unique and yet fitting it well with it surroundings — the very open design makes it feel as though it’s part of the surrounding city, which is important for a place devoted to an art form that is often perceived as cut off from the modern life.
  • It must’ve been some sort of musical milestone: on Monday at Carson’s karaoke night at The Social, I met another guy who plays rock and pop on an unconventional instrument — the bassoon! After he performed Madness’ big hit, Our House (a.k.a. the Maxwell House coffee song) with an excellent bassoon solo, I joined him for what was probably the first bassoon/accordion/karaoke treatment of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven. I imagine Robert Plant got chills down his spine at that exact moment and had no idea why.

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The Funny thing was, Jeff came up and asked if it was ok for the two of you to perform a “vertboten” song.

I’m all like – “…what forbidden song?…

and what songs do I really ever forbid?”

Ever knucklehead who requests Boheimian Rap-Shoddy always tells me this’ll be the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.

… it usually is… but not in the way they expected.

It still gets sung.

Sweet Child Of Mine.

Still requested.

Still sung.

…often badly.

Nothing’s ever forbidden. (that’s in the book, I mean)

Just nudged into something more recent and cutting edge than a 20 year old rock song.

That said

Yes, it was a first and a real treat.

There was however, a point where I was convinced that the combination of Accordion and Bassoon,

on the same stage,

at the same time

would create an explosion like the Star Trek where matter and anti-matter touched.

It was pretty damn cool.

I do enjoy being the facilitator.


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