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Canadian Angels

Wendy “Girl on the Right” Sullivan, whom I met a couple of months back and lives near me has started an organization called Canadian Angels.

In the U.S., there’s an organization called Soldiers’ Angels that sends letters and “care packages” to soldiers abroad; Canadian Angels is the Canadian analogue. There’s more in this National Post story.

(The Canadian Angels blog notes that the story ran in Saturday’s “Canada” edition of the Post, but not the “Toronto” edition. A piece did appear in today’s “Toronto” edition, which is what prompted me to post this in the first place.)

Regardless of where you stand politically, I remind you that soldiers go where they’re told and that theirs is a job that’s often dangerous and performed under the worst circumstances. (I’m going to admit bias and disclose that General Renato deVilla, former secretary of defense for the Philippines, is a relative.) I think it’s reasonable that there should be some kind of avenue for Canadians to send a little gratitude to our solders abroad.

Well done, Wendy! I salute you with a fliet mignon on a flaming sword.

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Thanks Joey!! See you around the ‘hood. We still need to go for that brunch… email me!


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